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Katie MF releases raucous punk banger ‘Japanese Whiskey’

Punk-folk singer Katie MF is delighted to release her raucous new single, ‘Japanese Whiskey’. The track is the first single to be taken from her debut album, False Starts, Open Endings.

The song, written in anticipation of the ending of the pandemic lockdown, twirls with a sense of pent-up raucous energy and carpe diem spirit amongst a nostalgic longing for getting back to a fun-filled normal life.

Talking about the track, Katie explained: “The chorus references wanting open endings and false starts as a counterpoint to the predictability of endless days alone in my flat, where I wrote the song, and the rest is just a bit of a fuck it, let’s move fast now because I am SO DONE with being patient and living a slow life.”

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