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whenyoung annouce new album Paragon Songs & share new single ‘Unchained’

Today, Whenyoung announce new album Paragon Songs out April 7, 2023, plus share new single ‘Unchained’, as well as announcing a UK/Ireland headline tour to support the record.

Made up of couple Aoife Power and Andrew Flood, they’re known for their infectious indie-pop, the duo have evolved and developed an expansive new sound. New album Paragon Songs is an exploratory journey through the dark depths of self-criticism, rises into an ambition for change and a desire to welcome healing and self-love – it’s a self-help and rite of passage album. It was written between a cottage in County Clare on the West coast of Ireland, and in a flat on a street called Paragon on the East coast of England.

It begins in the pain of an old narrative, arcs in the possibility of change and resolves in intention. Aoife elaborates, “Every step is a new time in your existence and noting it down marks it, celebrates it and reveals you to yourself. These lyrics represent who I am right now or who I’ve been the past year or two. My intention is to like myself and be kinder to myself. And so I can only present myself in the state that I am currently in which is healing not healed”

Recently sharing tracks ‘A Little Piece Of Heaven’, and ‘The Laundress,’ the pair release new single ‘Unchained’ where a saturated drum groove lays the foundation for the affirming, liberating and soaring vocal melodies. Looping guitar riffs and an explosive wall of sound chorus give it the full euphoric effect.

Aoife explains of the track, “‘Unchained’ was written about a time when I was being made to feel like I was not enough as I am. I felt cramped, stunted and in turn obsessed by my weaknesses. Leaving this situation allowed me to regain my self esteem and release the defensive layer I had used for protection.”

Paragon Songs:

  1. Shame Train
  2. Rubiks Cube
  3. The Laundress
  4. Home Movie
  5. Ghost
  6. A Little Piece Of Heaven
  7. Even More
  8. Shed My Skin
  9. Unchained
  10. Gan Ainm
Photo credit: Zac Mahrouche

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