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Yours Truly announces new album TOXIC and release new single ‘Sour’

Come and sink your teeth into the dazzling new era for alternative luminaries Yours Truly. The Sydney trio has today announced their brand new album TOXIC, set for release on August 16 via UNFD.

With their name now cemented on a global scale, Yours Truly journey even further into their trademark versatility on their forthcoming sophomore album chapter, expanding beyond stylistic confines and expectations. Effusive and effervescent one moment, dark and damaging the next, TOXIC runs the spectrum of human emotions across its 10 tracks. Led by a star turn from vocalist Mikaila Delgado, the album is an open-vein, open heart diary of personal crisis, a dynamic yet cohesive soundscape of pop and rock, indie and alternative shimmering and shuddering beneath Delgado’s cathartic confessionals: in short, it’s a lethal dose of brilliance from one of the scene’s brightest musical acts.

Following up from the brooding pulse of ‘Call My Name’, latest single ‘Sour’ serves up captivating hooks for days on a platter of irresistible staccato swagger.

“’Sour’ was written during a session after I was feeling extremely burnt out,” shares vocalist Mikaila Delgado. “We had come off extensive touring and quite a turbulent time not only for the band but personally as well. I was just feeling so bitter towards everything and trying to force writing when it just wasn’t naturally flowing made me so angry. We got to a stage as a band were had a lot of people in our ear telling us what to do and how they thought we should do it. I just thought ‘fuck this, this is our fucking band, I’m going to do what I want!’”


  1. Back 2 U
  2. Sour
  3. California Sober
  4. Let Go
  5. All That I’m Not
  6. Love Feels Like
  7. Bloodshot Eyes
  8. Sinking feat. Bloom
  9. Desaturated
  10. Call My Name
Photo credit: Max Pasalic

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