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Just ahead of Friday’s release of Filth is Eternal’s new album Find Out they revealed their powerful new single ‘Cherish,’ which implores listeners to believe in themselves and their creativity. Frontperson Lis Di Angelo tells, “I wanted to mash two of my favorite things together, Black Box Theater and Lynchian Style, and marry that with something I overheard a stranger say that has occupied space in the back of my mind for years: ‘This is all a dream, and you will spend the entirety of your existence at the center of a push-pull event, somewhere between owning this dream and this dream owning you.'” ‘Cherish’ comes with a vivid new video directed by Di Angelo themselves, watch below.

Earlier this year, Empress Of opened for Rina Sawayama on a European tour, and she just kicked off another run of dates with Sawayama, this time in North America. To celebrate, they’ve teamed up for a new single, ‘Kiss Me,’ which is, sadly, not a Sixpence None The Richer cover. It is, however, Empress Of’s first new song since last year’s Save Me EP, and the first taste of an upcoming studio album. It comes on the heels of Empress Of’s recent features with Jam City and Lewis OfMan. ‘Kiss Me’ has with a music video directed by India Harris and shot in the English countryside. [via Stereogum]

Girl group XG have released a music video for ‘Puppet Show’, a cut from their debut mini-album New DNA. The music video for ‘Puppet Show’ star XG as leaders of a cult of faceless people, who are performing a ritual around a giant hole in the earth. The girl group later jump into the hale, transporting them to the tip of a structure that stands above the clouds. “Welcome to the puppеt show / Where we play ’em like their plastic dolls / They’ll do anything, anything, anything / When you got ’em hangin’ by a string, by a string,” XG sing on the cheeky chorus of ‘Puppet Show’. [via NME]

Phoenix-based shoegazer outfit MRCH‘s forthcoming EP, TV Bliss is slated for an October 13 release through Vertex Music Ltd. The follow-up to 2020’s No-Holds-Barred EP, the Phoenix-based shoegazer outfit’s forthcoming EP reportedly represents a bold new era for them: The duo delved deeper into collaboration, first developing demos with the help of Jimmy Eat World‘s Jim Adkins. They also enlisted the assistance of Grammy-nominated producer Tony Hoffer and mastering by Dave Cooley. The EP’s lyrical themes and visual aesthetic were inspired by Mickey Pangburn’s childhood memories of being lost in the escapism of television. TV Bliss‘ third and latest single ‘Cherry Painted Eyes’ is a dreamy bit of sheogaze that brings back memories of 120 Minutes. The song is built around glistening synth arpeggios, Mickey Pangburn’s yearning delivery, buzzing guitars, thunderous drumming and rousingly anthemic, shout-along worthy choruses. But as the band explains, the upbeat nature of the song is actually deceptive. “‘Cherry Painted Eyes’ is a song riddled with anxiety. Describing a series of panic attacks and bloodshot eyes . . .,” the band explains. “We wanted to make the video a little more lighthearted than that thought. Set in the void of space, complete with near hit from a passing comet, and a drink to take the edge off. This vid is a DIY playful nod to classics from The Cure and Smashing Pumpkins.” The video sees the pair employing AI — for good. “We built the sets out of paint, paper, quilt batting, and insulation boards. Then coupled it with AI-generated fill and sketches on ProCreate to help expand the world,” the Phoenix-based duo say. “There’s been a lot of talk in the arts lately about the negative aspects of AI. And there are for sure elements of it that are scary. Ones that can lead to really negative outcomes. But, we’re interested in using it as an opportunity to create beyond our budget. A lot like the approach we take with our music. We use whatever tools we can. Whether it’s the cheapest gear or the newest techniques. It’s all fair game. Some of this new tech kind of gives us a way to realize bigger ideas. The song and video are both a bit about bridging those gaps between fear and opportunity.” [via Joy of Violent Movement]

Pen Pin is the new sun-soaked indie pop project from songwriters and multi-instrumentalists Jeni Magana and Emily Moore. Both established musicians in their own right, they met while touring with Mitski and started writing and recording their debut album whenever they weren’t on the road. The result of their “pen pinspiration” has become a chill, vintage pop album that sounds and feels like lounging by a Palm Desert pool when the afternoon becomes the dusk. Their new single ‘The Boredom’ is about the perils of low levels of dopamine. Jeni confides, “I hope it serves as a reminder not to be too hard on ourselves when we find ourselves scrolling through our phones yet again, without knowing how we got there. ‘The Boredom’ isn’t necessarily evil, but it’s a character that you might not always want around but seems to show up when you least expect it anyway.” Surf rock drenched guitars underlay layered breezy melodies for an end of summer earworm.

North Carolina’s hemlocke springs releases her debut EP going…going…GONE!, out now via AWAL. Alongside the release, she has shared an offbeat video for new single ‘pos’, in which keen eyed fans will spot the ghosts of music videos past. The debut body of work from hemlocke springs, going…going…GONE! unfolds across seven infectious songs which showcase her knack for channelling her far-roaming influences and eccentric flourishes into heartfelt indie-pop bangers. On the EP, hemlocke reflects; “The title going…going…GONE! refers to what is currently happening to the idea of where I thought would be. The path I thought I would be walking is going….going…gone. I am now at a point where I’ve realized I don’t really know anything: the past, the present, and particularly the future. going…going…GONE! serves as my commentary as I thought about those periods of time.” [via Northern Transmissions]

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