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Photo credit: Ana Peralta Chong

hemlocke springs shares new single ‘heavun’ 

hemlocke springs releases new single ‘heavun’ today, the latest revelation from the 24-year-old North Carolina breakout act which premiered with Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1.

It would be easy to mistake ‘heavun’ as a love song – where the protagonist yearns for the halcyon promise of romance through refrains like “heaven only knows how I’ve longed for you.” But in the world of hemlocke springs, nothing is ever quite as it seems. In a direct pivot from her self-professed “anti-capitalist anthem” ‘stranger danger!,’ hemlocke reveals that the true object of her protagonist’s desire on ‘heavun’ is actually boundless wealth. By becoming her avaricious anti-hero, she hopes to unpack the mindset behind this deadly sin, explaining; “For a time, I thought if a person was money-motivated, they were greedy. But by that definition, everyone is greedy, so that’s a bit unfair. I don’t consider wanting to pay bills or go on occasional excursions as greedy actions. But what if I had an insatiable hunger for money? I wanted to explore the psychology of greediness.”

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