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Photo credit: Ana Peralta Chong

hemlocke springs announces new EP with new single ‘enknee1’

After a breakthrough Lollapalooza performance earlier this month, the wait is finally over with hemlocke springs announcing her debut EP going…going…GONE! (out September 29) alongside new single ‘enknee1’.

going…going…GONE! is the first body of work hemlocke springs is releasing with seven infectious songs showcasing her knack for creating heartfelt indie-pop bangers. She tells us “the songs from going…going…GONE! serve as records of my thoughts as I transitioned from the teenage/young-adult phase to adulthood. Sure, at times I sound a bit silly, but I think it’s used as a way to cover up impending fears that are only bound to grow as I get older. What better way to deal with that than singing to a beat with self-depreciating lyrics?” This is true also of her latest offering ‘enknee1,’ which was written after a period of intense self reflection for the young artist; “I started the song last December. I went through a tough period where I truly disliked myself and wondered if anyone would accept me and love me for who I am. In hindsight, I was a little dramatic (haha!) and cliché…nevertheless it made for a great song, one I finished AGAIN after a ANOTHER emotional period!”

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