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Mexico’s proggy alt-rock outfit Lost Nebula is setting out on a Canadian tour this summer in support of their latest album Created In The Image Of God, out July 15. This will be the fourth release from the band and it shows a distinct maturity without losing the desire to try new things – on the record, they introduce the use of synths and growls and bolsters songwriting. Listen to their latest single ‘Darwin Among the Machines’ below.

WARGASM releases latest single ‘Fukstar’ with an accompanying video. WARGASM are set to release their debut mixtape via slowplay/Republic Records. The video sees the band wreak havoc in the desert as they give us a taste of what’s to come next. Speaking on the track Wargasm said: “Every day the rich seem to get richer and the poor get left behind. Old men are flying off in rockets with celebrities while murdering our environment. Fukstar is the soundtrack to Wargasm’s disillusionment with the nature of the corporate billionaires, and the idiots that let them gain power, who seemingly have our world in a chokehold. You aren’t gods, you’re just another Fukstar x”

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