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After Beyond The Black already released their new single ‘Reincarnation’ a few months ago, they now present their next track ‘Is There Anybody Out There?’ Jennifer Haben proclaims: “These times confront us with unknown demons and often times we must lose our principles painfully to find new paths. ‘Is There Anybody Out There?‘ shines light on these dark moments to give you power to handle them bravely. Be beacons, Ravens! This world needs you!” [via Nuclaer Blast]

It was a real bummer when Salt Lake City doom-folk band SubRosa broke up in 2019, but the good news is that four of the band’s members — Sarah Pendleton (vocals, violin), Kim Cordray (violin), Andy Patterson (drums), and Levi Hanna (bass) — have continued on in new band The Otolith (which also includes bassist Matt Brotherton). The band debuted in 2020 with a song on Blues Funeral Recordings’ Women of Doom compilation and Magnetic Eye Records’ Alice In Chains tribute album, and now they’ve announced their debut album, Folium Limina, due October 21 via Blues Funeral. The first single is ‘Sing No Coda,’ a 13-and-a-half minute epic that pretty much picks up where SubRosa left off. Sarah Pendleton says: “The riffs for ‘Sing No Coda’ were cooking in our cauldron for a while, but it wasn’t until after we had weathered 2020 that I started to write the lyrics. I developed a strange, intense hypochondria throughout that year, and I know a few others who did as well. It became maddening, trying to discern fear from reality. But far worse was the loneliness, feeling like the most important relationships and friendships were stretching thin and growing tattered, and there was nothing I could do to stop it. Now that the world is (mostly) out of the woods and we are seeing faces and traveling and playing again, it is massively cathartic to sing those words: Sing no coda, by the stream. Instead, my friends, wait, wait for me!” [via Brooklyn Vegan]

Faetooth, the four-piece doom metal band based in Los Angeles, is here to doom your day all the way up with their new single ‘Echolalia.’ Faetooth classifies themselves as “fairy doom,” and damn ain’t that an accurate description for it. The band perfectly blends crushing doom riffs with hazy, ethereal vocals for a result that’s equal parts turn-it-up-worthy and evoking some serious “grab-your-headphones-and-space-out” moods. “Echolalia is a meditation on the myth of the Tower of Babel, contemplating the competition between man and God as technology and cultures develop, as well as the ultimate futility of our efforts against chaos and decay,” said Faetooth’s Ashla Chavez Razzano. “The narrative of the song illustrates the toppling of the edifice, and man’s weakness against the products of his own creation.” [via Metal Injection]

Remember Black Math Horseman? Back in 2009, the L.A. band — vocalist-bassist Sera Timms, guitarists Ian Barry and Bryan Tulao, and drummer Sasha Popovic — released their debut album, Wyllt, a fascinating chunk of psychedelic post-metal with a gothy flair. They never released another project before disintegrating in 2013, but now they’re returning with a new self-titled EP out in October via Profound Lore. The band are treating us to their first new song in 13 years, a haunting, slow-building and absolutely stunning post-metal epic called ‘The Bough.’ [via Revolver]

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