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South Coast based Alt rock band Rogue Awakening release their second single ‘Overshadowed’. The band, fronted by the enigmatic Kimberley Voice, are excited to share this much heavier version of themselves with the world. “‘Overshadowed is about the contradiction between the confident person you present to the world versus the saboteur in your mind,” says the band, “It’s ultimately about an unhealthy relationship with yourself and how that impacts on those around you. It also touches on the trials of being an over thinker and how that can affect your headspace.”

Finnish heavy metal band Ratbreed release their new single ‘Master Of Deception’ via Wormholedeath. Formed in 2015, the band released their debut album Evoke The Blaze in 2018 and thrived as a solid live act in the Finnish rock club circuit. After a small hiatus, due to line-up changes and Covid-19-related cancellations, they are now working on their second album and offer the first taste of what Ratbreed sounds like in 2022. The song was mixed and mastered again at Soundspiral Audio by Swallow The Sun guitarist Juho Räihä. Cover art was made by Petri Lampela and ‘Master Of Deception’ video by Niko Sihvonen (Rocktografia).

Daedric returns with a somber official music video for their dark new industrial rock single ‘Coldharbour.’ Continuing where they left off with ‘Wretched’ Daedric pushes into a more cinematic rock direction. Directed by Brittany Davis, the music video contrasts dark and light themes, with an enigmatic, lack-robed wraith figure roaming a gloomy forest and an obscure face singing through folds of white fabric for an overall mysterious and mystical atmosphere. Featuring the sultry vocals of lead Kristyn Hope with provocative lyrics fused over synthesizers, pulsing drums, and heavy guitars, ‘Coldharbour’ is an ethereal soundscape with an overall somber but fierce atmosphere faceted with intensity till the last cold hard beat. Mixed by heavily sought-after producer Joey Sturgis, known for his work with some of the biggest names in metalcore such as Of Mice & Men, Asking Alexandria, and We Came As Romans ‘Coldharbour’ is the fifth single to be released by the up-and-coming group. “’Coldharbour’ takes the energy established with ‘Wretched’ and pulls the listener into a whole new cinematic realm,” states Daedric. “The song further establishes Daedric as a multifaceted artist whose genre-bending sound and visual is a force to be reckoned with.”

The Sacramento-based quintet Graveshadow – who deftly mixes symphonic/gothic metal with elements and influences from a variety of styles to create something epic, progressive, melodic and powerful – release a brand-new music video for ‘The Betrayer’ from their recently released comeback album, The Uncertain Hour. The footage that comprises the clip was shot on the band’s recent west coast headlining tour from a show at Seattle’s Funhouse venue by Karl Whinnery, bassist from tour and labelmates Vintersea. “’The Betrayer’ was written with the intention of continuing the more power metal direction that was introduced with the release of [the first single] ‘Gwynnbleidd,’” explains guitarist Aaron Robitsch. [Guitarist] Will also wanted to make more use of guitar harmonies, and I think this song showcases that well. It also continues a theme we have become known for — lyrics about World of Warcraft.” “This song became an early favorite of mine during the recording process. Aaron worked out the idea to have a video shot while we were on tour and the fantastic Karl Whinnery from Vintersea helped us out by shooting it,” states guitarist William Lloyd Walker. “Really happy with how it came out and a huge thanks to Karl for helping us put this together.”

North Carolina band, LYLVC release their most powerful new single ‘Undertow’ from their upcoming EP Perfect Drug, due out January 20, 2023. ‘Undertow’ continues LYLVC’s trend of breaking down barriers between genres and taking the best from hard rock, hiphop, and electronic music to create a unique and inventive sound. Co-lead vocalists Alyse and Oscar’s lyrics are emotionally charged and their powerful voices deliver the heartfelt vocals over the background of the band’s heavy instrumentation. LYLVC has delivered a thoughtful and intense visual performance in the video, under the direction of Digital Thunderdome’s Scott Hansen. Rife with straight-jackets, water torture, and horror themed imagery, the music video hammers the lyrical content home of being fighting through the pressures of life.

Epica will release their new EP The Alchemy Project on November 11. The EP features a ton of guests and two songs featuring the entirety of Fleshgod Apocalypse of Shining (the saxophone one from Norway). You can check out the Epica-meets-Shining single ‘The Final Lullabye’ below alongside a music video directed by Jens De Vos. [via Metal Injection]

One thing is for sure: the world is ready and it demands new rock and metal heroes! APRIL ART climbing the ladder of success steadily throughout the last couple of months ain’t a secret anymore. With impeccable force, the up- and coming formation has been hopscotching across the European festival summer, acquiring a number of new fans after international gigs with Dark Tranquility and Ensiferum as well as slots at renowned festivals such as Rock Harz (Germany) or Alcatraz (Belgium) – packed with the best album in the world. This is exactly what they aspired to create with their sophomore record POKERFACE; of which a Deluxe Version will be available on September 30 – and the latest single ‘Try’ is a perfect attunement: “’Try’ is basically the essence of the whole album”, the group says. With ponderous metal riffs, a catchy hook and raspy vocals in flirt with rap elements, April Art manage to unify influences from Halestorm up to Rage Against The Machine to create what they can do the best: Their own damn thing! [via Insane Blog]

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