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Denver based Alt Punk band HRZN (Horizon) continue to break down the stigma around mental health with the release of their new song and video for ‘Death Row.’ Pulling from the emotions of feeling stuck in an emotionally abusive relationship, ‘Death Row’ is a song about trying to free yourself at all costs. Riding a rollercoaster of exhilarating and chaotic emotions, the futuristic, eerie rock layers paired with nostalgic pop punk edge pave the way for the fifth wave of emo. Going with a ‘messier’ feel and an upbeat and melodic chorus, the track aims to accurately reflect the emotional trials and tribulations of everyday life, with the hopes to raise awareness and advocate for individuals who have been in abusive situations. The song acts as a charged vessel of emotions and pent up frustrations for the band. Having been compared to “Paramore, but harder”, the down to earth group’s name nods to a layer of positivity, showing that there will always be something brighter on the horizon. The band, who all have their individual battles with mental health (or as they like to call it, they’re neurospicy), aim to shatter the stigma and open healthy dialogues around mental health. “This song was a lot of fun to make, even if it wasn’t a fun topic to write about. The video has so much going on with all of the colors, lights and smoke. While something like that would typically be a bit overwhelming, it was actually really enjoyable and cathartic for us to put all of the energy we could into everything we were doing,” says vocalist Morgan Elizabeth.

Without darkness there can be no light, Sanguine Glacialis (ft. members of Valfreya, the Growlers Choir, The Monster Factory) have stared into the very blackest pit, and, inspired by what they saw there, forged sonic masterpieces of the darkest beauty, it is not surprising their name means ‘frozen blood’ in Latin! Now, the band has a new music video for the second single ‘Immuration’ off their forthcoming third album Maladaptive Daydreaming planned for release later this year to follow 2018’s Hadopelagic. On ‘Immuration’, the track starts with a piano/bass/drum intro before heading straight into the gang vocals chorus. It goes through different verses and choruses before ending with the most brutal breakdown on the album. “Immuration is a metaphor for being stuck inside for too long and the hatred and depression that builds up because of it. This is a very catchy song that represents the album and its concept very well, so that’s why we chose it as a single. The music video represents the story of the album, but also, as a person with mental illness myself, this song and the whole record itself allowed me to explore my struggles and express them lyrically.” adds Maude Théberge.

Butcher Babies have released the official music video for their new single, ‘Red Thunder’, which explores the band’s darker side by leaning into their thrash/djent roots with an explosive guitar solo. The clip was filmed at Cactus Joe’s in Las Vegas, Nevada and was produced, directed and edited by BUTCHER BABIES co-vocalist Heidi Shepherd. Discussing the new single’s sound, Shepherd says: “‘Red Thunder’ is a massive nod to the style and sound of our beloved first album ‘Goliath’ that launched BUTCHER BABIES into the metal stratosphere exactly a decade ago. Bringing in the groovy, guttural, thrash elements that we became known for, alongside a soaring melodic chorus, ‘Red Thunder’ culminates the dark, painful, and emotional side of the band. The song was written to remind the world that when she speaks, she speaks in Thunder!” Co-vocalist Carla Harvey lends insight into the inspiring and deeply personal meaning behind ‘Red Thunder’: “At its core, ‘Red Thunder’ is a song about giving a voice to the voiceless. But not just any voice; a cry so powerful that it shakes those that have wronged them to their core. As Heidi and I were writing the lyrics, my personal inspiration became my sister, Julia, born with microcephaly. She died very young, and I did not get the chance to know her, but I have one haunting photo of her as a baby that I brought with me to the session as inspiration. In the photo she has one arm outstretched to the camera and these beautiful piercing eyes; my heart breaks that she didn’t get to live a LIFE; but in my dreams, my father’s daughter blooms…and speaks in thunder.” [via Blabbermouth]

Swedish dark symphonic metal powerhouse ELEINE unveils their video for latest single, ‘War Das Alles,’ a very special track taken from their upcoming new full-length, We Shall Remain.’ War Das Alles’ — German for “Was this all?” – is a poem written by frontwoman Madeleine Liljestam during some dark hours. It translates into one of the most touching and intimate moments on the album. The band comments, “It all started with a poem in English, that made more sense in German and ‘War Das Alles’ came to life. In the midst of darkness, you might question yourself – was this all? Am I no more? It’s a natural question when going through something that’s too heavy for your shoulders. Before things get better – it will be heavier for a while. Whether it’s depression, a difficult task at work or a relationship… it usually gets heavier right before you reach the goal. With this single, we want to highlight that these thoughts and feelings sometimes enter your life, and that it doesn’t mean it’s the end. It’s a part of something better to come. Balance within life. Feel that you are accepted as you are with this song, that you are not alone. Embrace the very special feeling and atmosphere this chorus brings – and tomorrow might feel a bit brighter with the entire ELEINE legion supporting you.”

Forever May Fall drops ‘Afterglow’ featuring Bradley Scott. ‘Afterglow’ is an upbeat jam about really taking a careful look inside and outside of one’s situation. Whether it be love or life in general, it’s about the power of working together to come to a decision that allows both parties to become the best versions of themselves, thus finding their “Afterglow”. Musically influenced by the nostalgic 80’s pop/ballad vibe that seemed to make its comeback in late 2019; (think ‘Peach Club’ by Emarosa) it was only fitting to ask Bradley Scott to feature on the track as the male perspective. [via Metal Planet]

Dutch heavy rockers WITHIN TEMPTATION have released their new single, ‘Wireless’. WITHIN TEMPTATION stated about the new track: “‘Wireless’ is a fiery and heavy song that marks the start of a new era — an era in which we keep our WT DNA alive, but build upon with contemporary bombastic riffs, breakdowns, and epic choruses. “This single takes aim at those who, hungry for war and turmoil, manipulate and control the media: ‘Wireless’ is a song about a soldier who goes to war convinced that he is going for a good cause. He’s indoctrinated by government-controlled media and thinks he’s going to be welcomed back as a savior, only to find out he has been used. This has resulted in people seeing him as a brutal conqueror instead, and now he finds himself on the wrong side. His life and the lives of many are deceived and destroyed.” [via Blabbermouth]

Young screamer Harper has unleashed a brand-new single, ‘Weight Of The World’. The 11-year-old – who released debut single ‘Falling’ in 2022 following a couple of incredibly memorable appearances on America’s Got Talent – has shared her whirlwind experiences from the past few years in the track, which was written by Brand Of Sacrifice’s Leo Valeri and features We Came As Romans’ Dave Stephens.“I’m still so new to music,” Harper explains, “and I definitely felt there was a lot of pressure on my shoulders holding the flag for heavy music on such a commercial stage last year. It’s also a very empowering song, and I really hope through my music a lot of kids my age can discover heavy music and also be inspired to make their own. It was so good to work with Leo and Dave on this song. I’m a big fan of both of their bands, so to have them be a part of this was really cool!” [via Kerrang!]

SICKSENSE have released a new music video. The new music video, for the track ‘Feed Them To The Wolves,’ is taken from the groove metal band’s upcoming new EP, Fools Tomorrow, which is scheduled to be released in June this year. Speaking about the new single, Killer V [Vicky Psarakis] says, “’Feed Them To The Wolves’ is a multifaceted song. The lyrics were written collaboratively between Rob and I, which led to that beautiful contrast. My inspiration and emotional connection to it came from my own life as a musician. Being in this industry, there’s this constant feeling that what you’re doing is never enough. From the music you’re creating to the content and interactions you have with others over social media, you’re often left feeling drained and your efforts unappreciated. In current times, people always crave more and some fans develop these parasocial relationships in their minds that come with a strong sense of entitlement. You do one thing they don’t like; you’re criticized, you say one thing they don’t like; you’re crucified, you create music that’s different from what they’re used to; you’re abandoned. All these things can cripple you emotionally and make you feel like a puppet to your audience, as you’re always trying to appease them. However, the strings are imaginary. At the end of the day what you choose to do should be your own decision. As long as you’re able to connect with and impact some people’s lives positively, what you’re doing is enough. Opening your arms to the world is a scary feeling, but every beautiful thing that comes with it is ultimately worth it.” [via Distorted Sound]

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