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In This Moment releases their brand new single, ‘THE PURGE’ from their forthcoming new studio album GODMODE out October 27 via BMG. The song is accompanied by the official music video directed by Jensen Noen (Ice Nine Kills, Falling In Reverse, Hollywood Undead). “We are thrilled to unveil ‘THE PURGE’ to everyone,” says vocalist Maria Brink. “I am so grateful for how everything flowed to bring this song to life, both sonically and visually. Kane Churko and Jensen Noen helped to create this musical & cinematic experience with us and we could not have done it without them. The underlying message of the song is to not fall too deeply into the rabbit hole, everything is about finding balance. I had a lot of emotions building within me when I approached the song for the first time and after years of holding it all in I finally got to let it out! Enjoy.” “This song came from our time in lockdown. We all had our own personal experiences during the pandemic, and we all saw the social unrest unfolding daily tearing us apart, it was such a crazy time,” says guitarist Chris Howorth. Our band, like everything else, was stopped in its tracks. During the lockdown I was sending Maria musical ideas I was working on, and this one really resonated with her. She even said, ‘This is gonna be our first single’. Fast forward a couple years and all the pent-up frustration and angst came pouring out in Maria’s lyrics and performance, creating this crazy visceral song.”

Swiss modern metal upstarts, Illumishade, have signed a worldwide contract with Napalm Records. The premier Austrian rock and metal label is more than proud to welcome the five-piece to its ever growing roster. Along with the signing, the band, fronted by vocalist Fabienne Erni and guitarist Jonas Wolf (both of Eluveitie), unveils their brand-new standalone single, entitled ‘Enemy’. With the enchanting new track, Illumishade delivers pure magic with a fresh dose of prog influences, transporting the listener into the band’s mystical world. The track goes in line with a visually palpable music video and marks the beginning of a new chapter for Illumishade. [via Brave Words]

Emerging electro-industrial artist Babychaos has unveiled the video for her latest single ‘Guilty Hands (I Bleed)’. In the vein of contemporaries such as Poppy, Babychaos blends harsh electronics with overt industrial rock/metal elements, such as distorted guitars and vocals. For example, ‘Guilty Hands (I Bleed)’ melds a burgeoning guitar riff with subtle electronic flourishes, resulting in a jolting loud-soft arrangement and unsettling atmospherics. Remarked Babychaos regarding the concept behind the song: “The story behind ‘Guilty Hands’ is one I’ve been clinging onto for years — and now it’s finally come to fruition and is out of my system for good. Throughout 2022 I found myself constantly writing as a way to cope with occurrences in my life I couldn’t control.” She continued: “I’ve found through experience that when we feel we don’t have control over an aspect of our lives, we resort to a need to control other aspects, sometimes in unexpected and disturbing ways: That was the inspiration for this track and video. Thanks to music producer Enrico Tiberi we created the complex beast of this song taking influence from European metal, American hard rock, and horror movie worthy soundscapes. And with music video producer Joey Durango we were able to bring these visuals to life.” [via Conesquence]

Louisiana metallic hardcore band Capra have announced that they’ll follow their 2021 debut LP In Transmission with sophomore album Errors on October 6 via Metal Blade/Blacklight. It was produced and tracked by Andrew Hernandez (This Will Destroy You, Mammoth Grinder, etc) at Estuary Recording Studios in Austin, mixed by Taylor Young, and mastered by Brad Boatright, the latter two of whom also worked on In Transmission. Walls of Jericho‘s Candace Kucsulain-Puopolo guests on ‘Human Commodity’ and Glassing‘s Dustin Coffman provided backing vocals on multiple tracks. “I knew that I wanted it to pick up where the first album left off, but that it needed to have an entirely new attitude,” says guitarist Tyler Harper. “If you listen to the last song from In Transmission into the first song on Errors, it’s a continuation. From there the album steers off into a direction that still feels similar, but is new.” The first single is ‘Tied Up,’ a killer offering of riffy, sludgy hardcore with some echoes of Every Time I Die–and not just because the drummer is wearing an ETID shirt in the video–and vocalist Crow Lotus tops it off with tangible, impassioned fury. Check out the song and the Jai Benoit-directed clip below. [via Brooklyn Vegan]

DEATH DEALER UNION have announced their debut album. Titled Initiation, the upcoming album from the Los Angeles-based alternative power metal band is their debut full-length album and is scheduled to be released in September this year, via Napalm Records. Alongside the announcement of the debut album, the band have released a new music video for a new song lifted from the upcoming album;’ The Vow Of Silence’. Speaking about the new song and its accompanying music video, the band says, “’The Vow Of Silence’ is an upbeat song, blending heavy/melodic harmonies with both aggressive and clean vocals. The video was shot in a historic castle in Los Angeles, CA dating back to the 1800s, and perfectly fits the image of the band and the vibration of the song. Join us in this mystical moment, now immortalized in a music video! We present to you: ‘The Vow Of Silence’. We hope you enjoy! More to come very soon!” [via Distorted Sound Mag]

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