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Sci-Fi alt-metallers SICK N’ BEAUTIFUL make a triumphant comeback with their latest single, ‘My Wounds’ out now via Frontiers Records. The band’s fervently awaited single, accompanied by an electrifying video, will coincide with the start of an extensive European tour, igniting the stage alongside Cradle Of Filth and Wednesday 13.

Scottish post-alt-progressive trio Midas Fall drop the third single from their fifth studio album, Cold Waves Divide Us. ‘I Am Wrong’ thunders along on pounding rhythmic drums swirling around heavy swathes of low and delicate melodic highs. The accompanying video by Stephen Alexander keeps pace with a highly kinetic performance by dancer Amber Dollin, who ricochets and contorts to the music against a nocturnal urban landscape. Says Elizabeth Heaton, “A lot of our music comes from a place of sadness and reflection, and takes its time to build and Layer. ‘I Am Wrong’ comes from a much angrier place. We played around with this more aggressive sound using pounding drums and baritone guitars. Lyrically it is about feeling trapped in a situation with someone where you feel never good enough, constantly criticised and like you can never win. When the self-doubt and insecurity turns to the realisation that you are being bullied, the result is a pretty pissed off song. The video was filmed over the course of a night in Glasgow city centre. It is a nod to the 1981 film Possession where a woman becomes possessed in a Metro station. We are big fans of this era of horror so also wanted to integrate some Dario Argento style FX to add to the drama of the song.”

Irish sister/brother duo Greywind continue their impressive return with their new single ‘You’re My Medicine’ – an immaculate emo offering. Killarney’s Steph and Paul O’Sullivan say of the track: “’You’re My Medicine’ is the story of our lives so far. Our story as individuals, our story as a family and our story as Greywind. It is a love letter to our fans for supporting us through our darkest times. They’ve saved us many times over by believing in us, in our music, and by standing with us in the face of trauma, grief, and adversity. Art is a two way street, and they are just as much a part of the songs on this EP as we are.” This track is one of five through which the duo have been weaving intensely personal stories and will be released together as the Antidote EP on March 15 via Version III, just in time for St. Patrick’s Day.

Kittie are back! The Canadian metal trailblazers played their first show in five years in fall 2022, then last year they debuted a new song, ‘Vultures,’ during their Sick New World set and saw their classic 2000 anthem ‘Spit’ covered by Poppy. Now, the Lander sisters and Co. have unleashed ‘Eyes Wide Open,’ Kittie’s first new studio-recorded music since 2011’s I’ve Failed You. Premiered earlier this week on SiriusXM, the single — which showcases their knack for catchy, biting, death-metal-inflected heaviness — went wide today, Valentine’s Day, accompanied by a high-octane music video. [via Revolver]

Unleash The Archers is back with a powerful new single ‘Green & Glass’ alongside the announcement of their AI inspired concept album Phantoma, due out May 10. The concept behind Phantoma was written by frontwoman and lyricist Brittney Slayes and follows protagonist Phantoma, a Phase 4 / Network Tier 0 unit – model A, through trials of AI gaining sentience on a dystopian, near-future planet earth. “We struggled for a while to decide which song would lead the way for this record, and in the end chose ‘Green & Glass’ because it is the song that inspired the cover artwork, but also because it doesn’t give too much away about the concept behind the album,” said Unleash The Archers of the album and single. “We wanted nothing more than to be able to create a fully cinematic retelling of the story through our music videos, and were so stoked when the boys at RuneGate Studio expressed an interest in learning how to use Stable Diffusion to make our dreams come true! They trained the model on the work of Bo Bradshaw, which gives it a beautifully unique animation style; we got to bring his magnificent t-shirt artwork to life!” [via Metal Injection]

Uplifting hard rock that captivates and moves has been the modus operandi of CloZure since the release of their debut, self-titled record in September 2022. Now, with the addition of new vocalist, Elizabeth Nikollaj, and partnering with a star-studded production team, the band are back with scintillating new single, ‘The Devil Effect.’ The band explains: “’The Devil Effect’ is our first release with Nikollaj fronting CloZure. With the guidance of award winning producer Malcolm Springer, we were really able to push the boundaries of our music on the new track. The song is really an anti-Valentines Day anthem. It’s about being scorned by those you call close, and then to find your real family, your army, and call them out as you rise above. Like Nikollaj says in the track, “from ashes to my throne”. We’re beyond excited to share this and hope our fans old and new love it like we do!” [via Outburn]

ILLUMISHADE have released a new music video. The new music video, for the track ‘Riptide’, is taken from the Swiss symphonic metal band’s upcoming new album, Another Side Of You, which is scheduled to be released on Friday. Speaking about the new song, the band says, “’Riptide’ tempts the listener with promises of absolution and carelessness. But beware, everything comes at a price. Will you succumb to its tidal temptation or will you hold on to the dilemmas and rewards of our earthly existence?” [via Distorted Sound]

Symphonic and gothic power metal band Nocturna has unveiled a new music video for ‘Seven Sins’, the first advance single from their upcoming album Of Sorcery And Darkness, set for release on April 19 via Scarlet Records. [via ChaosZine]

Hand Of Juno’s new single, ‘Psychotic Banana,’ is a raw and unflinching exploration of addiction and dependency. This track delves deep into the complex emotions and sensations tied to moments of surrender to various cravings, from substances to relationships. ‘Psychotic Banana’ addresses the universal struggle with dependency, portraying the initial allure, subsequent euphoria and anger, and the ensuing chaos one wishes never to escape. Accompanied by a visually striking music video, the single offers a surreal portrayal of addiction’s grip on the human psyche. The video’s captivating imagery complements the song’s themes, providing a powerful visual and auditory experience. Immerse yourself in the sonic and visual world they’ve crafted and experience the raw power of their latest video. The band say, “This song addresses addiction. In our lives, we have all experienced some form of dependency, whether it be on substances, medications, games, technology, alcohol, or relationships. We aimed to explore, both in the lyrics and the music, all the sensations that we go through: initially, the sweet desire to consume the product of our addiction, to which we surrender; then, the euphoria and anger of the next moment, and finally, the total madness from which we never want to escape.” [via Snooze Control]

LUTHARO have released a brand new music video. The new music video, for the track ‘Creating A King’, is taken from the Canadian modern metal band’s upcoming new album, Chasing Euphoria, which is scheduled to be released in March this year. Speaking about the new song, vocalist Krista Shipperbottom says, “straighten your crown and sit comfortably on your throne because our new single Creating A King will have you at the edge of your seat. It’s jam packed with soaring leads, racing drums and did we mention a damn catchy chorus?! This song may seem as though it has emerged from a fairytale land but is more than meets the eye. With its main lesson being ‘knowing your worth and not letting anyone take your power away from you,’ this song strives to build strength and confidence within people so they can conquer whatever life throws their way!” [via Distorted Sound]

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