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Photo credit: Emma Cheshire

Lily Hain releases new single ‘Internalize’

Indie singer/songwriter Lily Hain is back again with her newest single, ‘Internalize’. The track, a grittier take on her hallmark confessional lyricism and earworm melodies, immediately pulls the listener in with its moody lyrics and grunge-y bass line. “I’m not a doormat,/ You know what?/ I’m the whole fucking house,” she speaks over the bridge’s breakdown. Guitar-driven choruses allow her vocals to soar as she takes back her own narrative, rejecting everything and everyone that makes her “feel drained.”

‘Internalize’ was written uniquely from her previous singles, bred from a place of frustration and anger. After initially mapping the track out on guitar, Hain brought the demo to her producer where drums and production layers were added. The departure from her old work is evident sonically as she takes a step towards an anthemic sound that is both relatable and wildly catchy.

“It’s about the frustration of constantly doing the inner work on myself to grow and heal only to still allow others to walk over my boundaries and make me feel small,” Hain shares. “It’s about the pitfalls of being a people pleaser, the journey of self healing, and trying to break the unhealthy cycles that we sometimes find ourselves in. It was really cathartic to make and I think it’ll be a song that I come back to when I need a reminder to stand up for myself.”

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