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Modern metal band Conspiracy of Blackness is thrilled to unveil their latest music video for the powerful track, ‘Collapsed.’ The song is taken from their upcoming album, Pain Therapy, set for re-release via Wormholedeath. The band stated: “‘Collapsed’ is a song of denunciation against the continuous and extreme exploitation of Nature. This track tells of man’s self-destruction process, the unsustainability of consumption and production systems, and of the need to live in a healthy environment with respect for every living being. The band is very attentive to these issues, through this song launches a clear and strong message, underlined by the video clip created by Grazia Riccardo and directed by Alessandro Spenga of BluArtic Studios.” The visually stunning music video by Alessandro Spenga of BluArtic Studios perfectly represents the intensity of the track.

Ignescent are a dynamic hard rock band from Chicago who will release their debut album, Fight In Me, on November 10 via Frontiers. A first single from it for the song ‘Not Today’ that features Kevin Young of Disciple is out now. Its video features Billy Grey of Fozzy and was directed by JT Ibanez. Lead singer Jennifer Benson explains the album title and its central theme by stating: “We will come out stronger in the end through the pain with our hearts ignited. I will never stop the fight in me.”

Brazilian metal act Semblant have just made a brand new video available for a song entitled ‘The Human Eclipse’. Included on their current album, Vermillion Eclipse, it coincides with the announcement of a 2xLP format (including limited edition red vinyl) of the highly regarded release, which will be made available on October 20.

Canada’s thrash maniacs Hyperia have been shredding across stages since their conception in 2018 and have released three albums to wild global reception. Their latest work The Serpent’s Cycle is coming out this November and will be a continuation of the aggressive riffs, melodic vocals, and all-around party nature that the band has come to be known for. The next single ‘Automatic Thrash Machine’ embodies that energy and draws listeners in with its endorphin rush of thrash technicality. The band describes the single: “A tongue-in-cheek nod to our favourite party thrash songs, this track is our homage to partying and having a good time with your friends. It’s accompanied by a full-out kegger of a music video that shows the fun side of Hyperia. It’s one of the more straightforward thrash songs on the album but still has lots of intricate parts from all members.”

West coast-based metal unit Death Dealer Union – featuring Elena Cataraga (aka Lena Scissorhands of modern metal leaders Infected Rain) – have released their debut album, Initiation via Napalm Records. Following recent singles ‘The Vow Of Silence’ and ‘The Integument’, the band has released a third single – the dynamic ‘Ill Fated’. The track juxtaposes 80s-influenced clean guitars and sinister metallic riffs as Lena displays her soaring trademark vocal delivery and introspective wordplay. The video features eye-catching imagery, sets and costumes, making for a striking viewing experience. Says the band: “We wanted to present something a little different with this video – everything from the fantastic Cherry Bombs dance troupe to the actors involved. We sought to do something not usually done in heavy metal videos. Enjoy!” [via Brave Words]

After properly announcing themselves with August single ‘Deus Ex Machina’, Holy Wars are keeping the momentum going with a new track: ‘BODY//TEMPLE.’ Released via Pale Chord and with an accompanying video, the band – vocalist Kat Leon and guitarist/producer Nick Perez – collectively state that their new tune “embarks on a profound journey of self-discovery, navigating through ego dissolution and the depths of the shadow self”. Holy Wars continue: “Its lyrics serve as a poignant cautionary tale on the path to enlightenment, shedding light on how our egos and self-projections can become insidious adversaries. This composition urges us to scrutinise every facet of our lives – be it religion, society, or our very essence – for authentic revelation and personal liberation.” Speaking about its video, they share that the clip “mirrors this primal intensity through its visuals, escorting viewers on a transformative journey alongside Kat as she confronts her shadow self. This duality is perceived, both from the vantage point of the audience and the stage, encapsulating a gut-deep resonance.” [via Kerrang!]

Aaetheria is here to jettison you clean off this planet with their catchy new single and accompanying music video, ‘The Fallen’. Both the single and music video was created solely by Aaetheria at their own home studio, Andromeda 6. [via Metal Injection]

As they barrel towards their upcoming tour dates, Canadian melodic metal outfit LUTHARO are excited to announce they have joined new label home, Atomic Fire Records. To celebrate this announcement, as well as to give you a preview of what to expect live, the band have revealed a fresh new single, ‘Ruthless Bloodline,’ along with an electrifying live shot video showcasing the band’s powerful stage presence. “You wanted new music? You got it!” LUTHARO exclaim proudly. “‘Ruthless Bloodline’ is officially out now and ruthless it is indeed! This is our heaviest yet catchiest song to date and is a good omen of what’s to come.” [via Metal Planet]

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