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THUNDERMOTHER, the acclaimed Swedish queens of rock ‘n’ metal burst into the new year with a fury-filled new single aptly titled ‘Speaking of The Devil.’ Founding member and guitarist, Filippa Nässil says: “The new single is written by Linnéa and I, recorded live in Medley Studios with our long time, great friend and producer Søren Andersen. It’s a very bad ass song that we’re all proud of. I can’t wait to play this live on our upcoming ”15 Years of Rock” tour kicking off in Sweden this February.”

NØ MAN and Iodine Recordings are proud to announce the new album Glitter and Spit, due out March 29. On their third full-length album, the Washington DC band affirm their essential presence as a necessary voice in modern hardcore. Singer Maha Shami has fully come into her own as a front person, snarling out the most vicious vocals of her career. As the daughter of refugees, a recent return home to Palestine included witnessing first-hand the casual atrocities inflicted on her family. Though written before the current conflict’s boiling point, Glitter and Spit synthesizes the 70+ years of systemic violence carried out against Palestine and her own lived experiences. Along with today’s album announcement, the band and Iodine Recordings share the lead single and title track ‘Glitter and Spit’. “‘​Glitter and Spit’ is about the distortion of one’s lived experience and existence, dealing with people imposing a version of you that meets the expectations of their fantasy. These attempts to shape and define your life often romanticize the idea of an angry woman until you disrupt their status quo.” says Maha Shami.

Rising from the ruins of the past few years, QUEEN LAYA is emerging into uncharted waters, defying expectations as she demonstrates a ferocious new sound. Now she has unveiled the official music video for her new single ‘RAGE’. Fusing powerhouse vocals with rocky acidity, QUEEN LAYA continues to usher in a new era of headstrong and vehement views of social issues and every day life. She shares her experiences of going through therapy in 2021 within her music and her empowering new single ‘RAGE’ is a pivotal point of this process. QUEEN LAYA delves into the context of the track, “‘RAGE’ is about suppressing your emotions so that you appear smaller to others, well behaved to others, in compliance with others, liked by others – to create a safe space within yourself, until all your thoughts and feelings are so congested that you can’t even fathom keeping in even a single ounce of these emotions within you. This intense energy eventually manifests itself into uncontrollable rage.”

Without Warning, the new promising Finnish modern metal act which opened recent live shows for Fear Of Domination among others, has released their 6th single called ‘New Order’ with a music video. The single is a provocative dive into the destruction of humanity. ‘New Order’ takes its listeners to a dystopian world where the machine pulse gets fused with heavy electronic and melodic elements. With the new single, the band also showcases their updated look in their outfits which has grown to become a noticeable element. “As I was writing the song, I wanted to support the band’s concept while showcasing our heavier and dramatic sides. With the familiar melodic elements that have become staples in our music, this song roams through chaotic atmospheres that also support the lyrical themes of the song,” says bassist and producer, Aleksi Rintala. ‘New Order’ provides a strong musical experience, but also awakens you to ponder how technology affects our society. The single can also be described as a soundtrack from an anxiety-filled future, where artificial intelligence birthed by mankind wants to create a new start by tyranny. Along with the strong lyrics, Without Warning has been able to create a unique atmosphere that sticks to the listener. “The single is a song about our concept in Without Warning, where we view the story from three different angles. We have built a fictional backstory and theme for the band where an evil artificial intelligence named Omega wants to destroy humankind to build a new future. We, the members of the band, use the term “disciples” when referring to ourselves and we are the creation of Omega. The messengers. In ‘New Order’ you can hear the desperate realization the humankind faces, Omega’s bittersweet thirst for revenge and the disciple’s final warning for what is to come,” describes the vocalist, Michaela “Micha” Tuomenoksa.

Self-described “Harajuku-core” phenoms HANABIE. are one of the most buzzed-about metal bands in the world right now, winning cosigns from heavy-hitters like Limp Bizkit, Slash and Bring Me the Horizon, and regularly selling out shows. The Tokyo quartet’s latest single is ‘OTAKU Lovely Densetsu,’ which was released last week and hails the culture of “Otaku,” a Japanese word for people obsessed with anime, manga and video games. The single also got its music video, which matches the song’s chaotic metalcore sound with equally over-the-top visuals. Vocalist Yukina commented: “I wanted to write a song to express my gratitude to all the fans, staff, and bands that I met and played with on our world tour, and to express what I felt on the tour. One of the things I felt was ‘Japanese culture, such as anime and video games, is truly loved’! We love Japanese culture, but not only about Japanese culture, this is a chaotic and Harajuku-core-like song that makes you think it’s cool to be faithful and straight up to what you like.” Guitarist-vocalist Matsuri added, “‘OTAKU Lovely Densetsu’ is a chaotic song that focuses on anime and games that are part of Japanese culture. You shine brightest when you’re into what you love and just being Otaku. Otaku is not just in Japan but also overseas too so be confident being Otaku! This song is just freestyle and doing what we want, so please enjoy this HANABIE. world! Japan culture rocks!” [via Revolver]

Spaced have announced their debut album This Is All We Ever Get, due out this March via Revelation Records. Spaced call themselves “far out hardcore” due to their guitarist’s affinity for throwing flange and phaser effects over their traditional hardcore distortion, giving their songs a slightly psych-ier feel compared to the average hardcore band. That, combined with frontperson Lexi Reyngoudt’s electric screams, make for a pretty unique sound that fans of Turnstile, Buggin, and GEL can certainly get down with. In the video for ‘Landslide,’ the band teach a mosh aerobics class that’s styled like a vintage exercise video from the 1980s. It’s a lot of fun, and you can watch and listen above via YouTube. [via Revolver]

Four years after bringing ‘The Last Viking’ to Valhalla with their previous opus, Leaves’ Eyes resurrect with ‘Myths Of Fate’ to celebrate their 20th year of existence. With their ninth studio album, the Germany-based artists consolidate their leading position in the symphonic metal universe. Powerful, epic and impressive – Leaves’ Eyes once again merge traditional metal genres by fusing elements of folk, gothic, and classical music into a captivating sonic masterpiece. [via Metal Planet]

NUBIAN ROSE, the Melodic Rock sensation of the early 10’s, is back after a long hiatus. Their new album, AMEN, will be released on the January 26. On AMEN, Nubian Rose show a more progressive side of the band, but with their trademark foundation of strong melodies, great hooks, big guitars, and the powerful voice of Sofia Lilja. While writing AMEN, Christer and Sofia wanted to challenge themselves to take Nubian Rose to new frontiers. [via Metal Planet]

WASP MOTHER have released a music video for ‘Gravemouth’, taken from the new EP Digital Pollution which is available to stream now.

It’s exhilarating when you get to hear a band execute a style perfectly. Hand of Kalliach delivers folk-infused melodic death metal in the absolute best way possible. The band brings heavy and rich guitar tones and weaves them with a mix of harsh and melodic vocals, topped off with infectious rhythms and traditional instrumentation. It’s a fascinating combination of aggression and atmosphere — a balancing act between power and mystery that draws you into the band’s sonic realm. Out noe is the band’s new video for the song ‘Fell Reigns,’ from their upcoming album Corryvreckan, due out on February 23 via Prosthetic Records. Vocalist and bassist Sophie says: “Building upon the legend of the Cailleach, the ancient witch god of winter from Scottish Celtic mythology, with Fell Reigns, we wanted to explore her seasonal rise to power at Samhainn (the end of summer and beginning of winter) from a different perspective – that of one of her unnamed eight attendants, that assist her in ushering in winter.” [via Decibel Mag]

ALTERIUM have released a new music video. The new music video, for the track ‘Crossroads Inn,’ is taken from the Italian power metal band’s upcoming debut album, Of War And Flames, which is scheduled to be released in March this year. The new song is a metal tribute inspired by the popular medieval tavern simulator video game. In cooperation with video game creator Klabater, the following statement has been released, “welcome to Delcrys, adventurers! The doors of the fantasy tavern are now open! To celebrate the arrival of the second chapter of the iconic video game Crossroads Inn, ALTERIUM wrote and recorded a track inspired by the lore of the game. Crossroads Inn is a real-time management sim set in the immersive fantasy world of Delcrys. Players must build, manage, and expand their tavern, catering to the needs of adventurers from far and wide! The game is available on Steam, while Crossroads Inn 2 has been announced and is currently in development – you can already add it to your wishlist!” Singer and songwriter Nicoletta Rosellini adds, “I’m a huge fan of management video games, and I’ve spent hundreds of hours playing Crossroads Inn, which also features great lore that inspired me to write lyrics for this track. I believe that power metal is the perfect genre to convey the funny atmosphere of a typical night at the tavern. We also recreated the whole scenery in our new music video!” [via Distorted Sound]

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