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LIVING DEAD GIRL drops head-turning new single ‘Ugly’. Molly Rennick shares, “I wrote ‘Ugly’ from a place of feeling jaded and exasperated. I know most women are familiar with this exact feeling. ‘Ugly’ is about wanting to be taken seriously and listened to, without being belittled or objectified. There’s so much more to us than what’s on the outside; this song is for everyone who’s ever been made to feel like there isn’t.” [via Outburn]

Following the release of their most brutal, vicious critically acclaimed album, 2023’s Negative Energy, UK alt-metal force VEXED returns with an official video for its most poignant offering, ‘It’s not the end.’ This title is a tribute to a deceased loved one, acknowledging struggles in the grieving process. Megan Targett on ‘It’s not the end’: “How do you carry on living when someone you love dies? The grieving process knows no concept of time, and death becomes the sole point of reference to navigate life. ’It’s not the end’ pays tribute to those we have deeply loved and lost, while also acknowledging the pain and loneliness that accompany those beautiful memories.” [via Outburn]

Rising symphonic metal force, Elvellon, is set to release their second album, Ascending In Synergy, on May 17. Now, the band has revealed the beautiful first single, ‘A Vagabond’s Heart’, featuring an exciting intro and one of the catchiest choruses on the album. [via Brave New Words]

LUTHARO have released a new music video. The new music video, for the track ‘Chasing Euphoria’, is the title track from the Canadian modern metal band’s brand new album, which was released on Friday. Speaking about the new song, vocalist Krista Shipperbottom says, “what would you do in a world free of judgement for even a few minutes? Would you cry? Would you sing? Would you dance clear of embarrassment? Chasing Euphoria gives you the permission to do all of the above and truly embrace yourself to your core. This song is laced with blissful instrumentals and vocals that will enchant you for days. So please, take a deep breath, stay present and enjoy the journey.” [via Distorted Sound]

Perth-based alternative metal rising star RinRin shares new single ‘Miss Miserable’ as an ode to her younger self. An entrance into a new era, ‘Miss Miserable’ is a pop-punk belter about looking back on a younger self and reflecting on the lows and moving forward. Experiencing a myriad of turmoil in her youth, ‘Miss Miserable’ is dedicated to little RinRin and seeks to lend comfort to the inner child that navigated a time of deep despair and made it out the other side. Taking cues from luminaires BABYMETAL, Poppy and Bring Me The Horizon, RinRin has created her own brand of pop-punk and metal that expounds infectious energy. ‘Miss Miserable’ is another step in a unique direction for RinRin and paves the way towards a larger release later down the line. [via The Partae]

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