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Track of the Week: ‘Anti-Fetish’ by VEXED

In 2021, Vexed captured fans with their brutal debut album, Culling Culture, a breakdown-heavy brew of djent, deathcore and progressive metalcore that sounded like a breath of fresh air. It’s been two years, and now the U.K. band are gearing up to release a new album record called Negative Energy, due out later this summer via Napalm Records.

Now, Vexed are previewing the album with a disgustingly heavy lead single called ‘Anti-Fetish.’ Centering the devastating vocal attack of powerhouse frontwoman Megan Targett, the song channels the rap-inflected rampages of old-school Emmure, crossed with the djenty heaviness of bands like After the Burial and early Northlane.

“We wanted to start with a huge riff and a strong message,” the band said of the new single. “‘Anti-Fetish’ is us confronting the constant comparisons and ungrounded hate that bands receive. It’s become completely accepted in the scene to cross the line of constructive criticism and just dive bomb into hatred and prejudice. This song is us setting the record straight by calling out the blatant discrimination.” [via Revolver]

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