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Runner up in Ireland’s Eurosong National Final in January for Eurovision 2024 with her previous hit single ‘Go Tobann’ , AILSHA is back with her heaviest track to date, ‘Haunted’. “‘Haunted’ is a journey through the emotions of realizing someone you deeply trusted was actually sucking the life out of you,” she explains. “It’s like waking up in this twisted vampire movie where they’ve been sucking your energy all along, and they took your empathy to bury in their never-ending cemetery of lies. The song is about breaking free and reclaiming your worth. I also listened to fans who wanted me to include the Irish language in some songs going forward so in the heavy breakdowns in this track I scream ‘díbrim thú’, which means ‘I banish you’, symbolising breaking away from the hold this person had over you. ‘Haunted’ is basically my anthem for anyone who’s been through that soul-sucking realization- and for anyone who needs it.”

Kittie have unveiled the new song and video ‘One Foot in the Grave,’ the latest single from their forthcoming comeback album, Fire, arriving June 21. Unlike the previous, more groove/thrash-oriented singles, ‘One Foot in the Grave’ harkens back to Kittie’s origins during the peak of the nu-metal movement. The glossy vocal production is theatrical and very early 2000s, while the deliberate slam-chords and pop-punkish tempo change are characteristic of Kittie’s early material. Given those subtle anachronisms, it’s slightly ironic that the song is actually about “letting go of the demons of the past to begin anew,” according to singer-guitarist Morgan Lander. “The excitement is palpable in anticipation of our forthcoming album release, with the unleashing of our latest offering ‘One Foot in the Grave,’” hyped Lander in the press release. “It’s a feisty, high-energy song about coming back from the dead and rising from the ashes so to speak, paralleling our real life experiences as of late.” [via Consequence]

The new line-up of Finnish-Ecuadorean melodic heavy metal band BLACK SUN shares ‘Drown In Sin’ the second single from their forthcoming self-titled album. Fronted by the formidable Netta Laurenne, Black Sun is completed by founding members Nicolas Estrada (drums), Christopher Grünberg (guitar), and Santiago Salem (bass) as well as the band’s producer, Thunderstone guitarist Nino Laurenne. As a result, Ecuador and Finland are now bonded and represented by a band that is one of a kind. With this new lineup, Black Sun entered the studio to record a full-length album, which was recorded at Hi Noiz Studio and Sonic Pump Studios, produced and mixed by Nino Laurenne, and mastered by Svante Forsback (Rammstein, Apocalyptica, Volbeat, Amaranthe). About the track, Netta shares: “‘Drown In Sin’ is a song about the decay and malice of the human race. As the narrator, Karma adds an interesting twist, promising eventual justice for everyone by stating, ‘I will wipe them all out’.” [via Brave Words]

Progressive death metal duo, Entheos, unleashes their latest single, ‘Life In Slow Motion’. The track, and accompanying video, follows the band’s crushing ‘An End To Everything’ single released last month and serves as a precursor to the music to come later this year. Elaborates vocalist Chaney Crabb, “‘Life In Slow Motion’ is a song about seeing life through the eyes of drug addiction and the ways that it affects not only the addict, but the people who surround them. It’s about wanting to return to a moment in life where the addiction took over and pondering what could have happened if things went another direction. Musically, this is one of the heaviest and fastest songs that we’ve written. We wanted the music to make listeners feel the tension that builds in the track, which ultimately is released with one of our heaviest breakdowns.” [via Brave Words]

Death & Legacy returns with this stunning new video for their single ‘The Devourer Of Light.’ This is the first glimpse of their upcoming album, with more details to be revealed soon. ‘The Devourer of Light’ kicks off with a classic rhythm with its synthesizer introduction and infectious beat. The song’s melody is undeniably catchy, driven by harmonized guitar riffs that complement each other seamlessly. This melodic charm is sharply contrasted by the raw, intense vocals of the band’s lead singer, Hynphernia, whose powerful voice adds a distinctive edge to the track. The accompanying music video has a high production quality and it predominantly features Hynphernia but with glimpses of the other band members. The interplay of blue and red lights and the camera’s movement creates a striking visual contrast that mirrors the band’s and Hynphernia’s compelling presence. [via Art Gates Records]

Almost a year after its release, the fourth studio album by Swedish symphonic dark metal sensation Eleine, We Shall Remain, is still on everyone’s lips. Now, the indefatigable five-piece unveil the official video for the track ‘Suffering’ which incorporates huge melodies, crushing riffs, an insane vocal range and orchestral grandeur. Vocalist Madeleine Liljestam and guitarist/vocalist Rikard Ekberg explain the profound meaning of the song, “Life is never easy and sometimes it forces you to push forward even when you see no reason to. Your own mind is beating you down and tearing you apart, repeating the past that leaves you in an endless loop of hopelessness and pain. But… you don’t give up. You start facing your fears which leaves you torn between staying in a place you know but is destroying you or go towards something unexplored that may or may not give you strength. Eventually you reach a point where you see your old self from the other side. That’s when you know you survived.” [via Brave Words]

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