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Several ladies have dominated the rap game over the last few years, and Big Boss Vette knows all about the power of going viral. After her ‘Pretty Girls Walk’ infiltrated the depths of social media and became an online firestorm, Vette is ready for her next big hit. No stranger to making fans stop and pay attention, the Missouri native returned this week with her explicit party single, ‘Ice Me.’ Like many of her raptress peers, Big Boss Vette didn’t hold her tongue in lyrically describing what she wants from her partner. [via HNHH]

Hackney multi-disciplinarian Bree Runway has shared new single ‘Just Like That’. A true all-rounder, Bree Runway has mastered everything she’s touched – an incredible performer, a magnet for fashion designers, she’s reframed British pop music to suit her own desires. Parting ways with EMI last year, Bree is now navigating music as an independent artist. A lightning bolt across a gloomy landscape, she’s back to add a little colour, a little extra flavour to our lives. Out now, ‘Just Like That’ is bold and arresting, the electrifying manner of its execution matching her fastidious creative tendencies. Bree comments… “The beautiful thing about this loud, spiky, destructive reintroduction to the world is that it’s not only a PSA that I’m back and I’m here to stay, but a reminder to myself that no matter how far I fall behind the fierce, confident, version of myself from the inevitable ways of life and this industry, I have the power to piece myself back to together “just like that”.” Backed by some typically incredible visuals, ‘Just That Like’ is Bree Runway’s latest statement – you have no choice but to obey. [via Clash]

ScarLip is an artist who has become known for her aggressive-sounding songs that pack a huge punch. Overall, fans have enjoyed the fact that she is bringing a unique flare to women’s rap. However, she found herself in the midst of controversy with her fans this past week. After sharing a clip from her music video for ‘She’s Hot,’ fans called her out for twerking. Some felt like an executive told her she needed to do that, with others feeling as though it was all out of character. In the end, ScarLip apologized and revealed that the twerking concept was her own. Since then, the song has arrived and it is a banger. Overall, this song is very much in line with Scar’s previous work in terms of both style and substance. The bars are fiery and braggadocious and they are delivered in a commanding way that makes you believe everything Scar says. She is a breath of fresh air in the rap world, and songs like these will continue to ingratiate her with fans. Hopefully, those same fans allow ScarLip to execute her artists vision on her terms, and her terms only. [via HNHH]

Rapper, Malyangapa, Barkindji woman, and the Blak Matriarch of Hip-Hop, BARKAA unleashes the fire within on her anthemic new single and music video, ‘PREACH’, out now via Bad Apples Music. Demanding attention and commanding respect, on ‘PREACH’ BARKAA speaks truth to her power, with a reminder to play it big, and that all of our voices can be forces for change. Inspiring strength and self-assuredness in all who hear the track, full of swagger, she confidently declares “I ain’t going nowhere sis”. The beat, produced by Brisbane producer Nerve, blends rapid snares, drum claps and harmonic keys to create a melodic soundscape that allows BARKAA’s raw authenticity and unapologetic passion to cut through: “Talk is cheap, I’ve talked about it, I’ve got new shit to PREACH!” BARKAA shared: “’Preach’ is a big fuck you to anybody who still doubts you today and doubted you yesterday. It’s about having a voice… that we’re allowed to bignote ourselves and be loud in our successes and achievements. That I don’t have to stay in the bucket the colony put there to drop my people in. I made it out of that bucket so I can come back and kick it over. I got a new team, I turned over a new leaf and got rid of people not only in my personal life, but in my work life, who were doing me wrong. This clip is a reminder that I ain’t done. It’s takeover season for Blak artists in this country and we ain’t getting the wool pulled over our eyes anymore. If they try, they’ll fuck around and find out.” [via Amnplify]

Flohio returns with new song ‘Juice’. The South London rapper is one of the best in the game, a perpetually under-rated artist who can cut it with some of her more high-profile peers. Fresh from stellar comeback ‘Make It Bang’, Flohio lifts the levels once more on her excellent new single ‘Juice’. Out now, it feels tailor-made for summer – absorbing electronic tropes into its framework, ‘Juice’ feels finessed for club use. Flohio comments… “‘Juice’ is one of those records where I had no plans or intentions in the direction it was going to go. I was feeling nice and in a really good mood that day, this was one of my first sessions with Oscar who produced the track so we were just testing the waters and came out with Juice in my little studio down in Bermondsey.” [via Clash]

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