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Getting To Know: Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers

The opening of 2022 has been a monumental resume-builder for Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers; getting plucked to support the almighty Foo Fighters, selling out a headliner at the famed Corner Hotel, invitations to some of the country’s biggest festivals and landing in triple j’s Hottest 200 with the cracking ‘AHHHH!’ being just the beginning.

With these career wins and a few more birthdays under each of the Teenie Jeanies’ belts comes a collective sense of self-assuredness for Anna, Scarlett, Jaida and Neve. It’s a resolve not born of ego or entitlement, but of the coming-of-age they’ve experienced and a healthy confidence in the work they have put in to get where they are. But, as their new EP Pretty Good For A Girl Band will attest, it’s come in the face of being undeservedly underestimated.

From comments of “you’re the best chick band I’ve seen” and “do you need help with your amp, darl?” to unsolicited waist-grabs, PGFAGB speaks to the sentiments that underpin the non-male experience both inside the music industry and outside.

PGFAGB is stick-in-your-head rock lathered in doses of grunge, punk and pop that features an impressive list of collaborators behind it including production from Alex Lahey and engineering from Bonnie Knight (Amyl & The Sniffers, Poppongene) on the tracks ‘Girl Sports’ and ‘Bull Dragon’.

Embodying a quiet confidence and resolve like never before, PGFAGB is a powerful documentation of Teen Jesus figuring out who they are and voicing what they stand for. It’s the result of a band refusing to meet anyone’s projection of who they should be, how they should sound, and what they should say – and that especially goes for sexist dentists.

We had a chat with the band all about PGFAGB, their journey so far, creative process and more. Read the Q&A below.

Hi guys! How are you? How have the last two years been for you as a band? This year in particular has seen you gain a lot of momentum. What’s that journey been like?

“Hello! We are very well thank you! Our journey over the past two years has been very exciting and a bit surreal – coming out of lockdown to the busiest touring lifestyle was a shock but we are so happy to be doing it. It feels like our hard work is really paying off and we are so grateful to be back on the road and playing for you all!”

For anyone discovering Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers here for the first time, please gave us a brief history on the band, your mission and your influences.

“We started the band in year 9 as a fun cute lil bestie time, we never really took it that seriously and we just wanted to go to bars underage and play our little covers. We were all big fans of Nirvana, The Strokes, L7, Pixies, etc and we started off being really confused about our genre and what musical direction we wanted to go in. We chugged along for a few years playing the same Canberra bars, until 2018 when things really started to pick up. We started to develop a team around us, went on tour with Slowly Slowly and started touring/playing festivals like a real life band! These days the band is our top priority, and we are still bestest friends. It’s been a wild ride but we wouldn’t change a damn thing!”

You’ve just released your fab new EP Pretty Good For A Girl Band. What can you tell us about the record? What do you hope fans/listeners take away from it?

“The EP is definitely the thing we’ve worked the hardest on so the idea of having it out in the world is so exciting. We just want to be taken seriously and we think this EP really represents us as a band and as people. The title really says it all – we are constantly getting labeled as a “girl band” as if that’s a genre, and it’s getting to the point where if you can’t beat ‘em, join em. We think it’s funny and hopefully will make people think more about how they treat women in music.”

Please take us through your songwriting/creative process for PGFAGB. What was your favourite part and what did you find most challenging?

“Recording was definitely our favourite part!! We were lucky enough to have the EP be produced by Alex Lahey and James Tidswell which was a dream come true. It’s always hard being in the studio and having to create the “final product”, but it was the best couple of weeks ever. Many cruisers were consumed and bonds were formed.”

Finally, what’s next for you guys? We see you have an Aussie tour coming up this summer. What can we expect from a Teen Jesus show?

“Energy fun woohoo!!!!! Live shows are the best and that’s what makes it all worth it. We try and make our shows a super fun dancey safe space for all, so if you come along make sure you jump with us and look after each other. Safety is sexy!!!!!!”

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