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Photo credit: Synne Sofi Bønes

Bo Milli releases surging new single ‘Making Friends’

Bergen, Norway-based indie-rock rising star Bo Milli has returned with her new single ‘Making Friends’ ahead of a busy schedule of festivals this summer. The new single follows a string of standalone tracks released across the past 12 months which has seen her tipped as one the next breakout musicians to come out of Norway.

Re-creating the chaos and indiscipline of nights out in Bergen, ‘Making Friends’ tracks the expectations, contradictions and drama of nocturnal social interactions through a haze of tumultuous indie-rock.

Co-produced by Odd Martin (Sigrid, Sløtface) and Magnus Skylstad (AURORA), ‘Making Friends’ opens with a rumbling bass line, with Bo Milli recalling precise moments of discourse amidst the cold Bergen night life: “I’ve been wondering when it will get under my skin / I bet you’re waiting for it to kick in”.

Speaking more on the inspiration behind ‘Making Friends’, Bo Milli said: “The song is about a yearning to connect with people and have some sort of meaningful experience motivating a night out. It’s about a shallow but euphoric feeling after a certain amount of drinks that every stranger in the room is my friend, all the while I’ve lost track of the friends I actually wanted to get to know better.”

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