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Photo credit: Seannie Bryan

A.O. Gerber shares stunning new single ‘For’

After announcing her second album Meet Me at the Gloaming last month, that’s due out October 14 via Father/Daughter Records (US) / Hand In Hive (UK), Los Angeles based musician A.O. Gerber offers up new single ‘For’.

Speaking on the track A.O. Gerber says: “I wrote this song about watching a friend go through a really difficult time and the shame of feeling like I didn’t know how to be there for them because I was too messed up myself. Intimacy in friendship can be so challenging. It’s a kind of vulnerability and closeness that I’m only just starting to feel safe practicing and I don’t always feel like I’m doing a good job.

“I re-recorded the vocals for this song three or four times. There was a rawness in the scratch vocals that I really wanted to capture in a better recording, but the more I tried to do that the harder it became. The final take I ended up using was one I recorded myself, crouched inside a closet at night in a cabin at a writing residency in Washington last summer.”

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