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A VOID unveil overcast new single ‘5102’

London-via-Paris alt-rock trio A VOID return with ‘5102’, a gripping slice of glam-tinged grunge. Taken from their awaited second album Dissociation, due September 9, the discordant new track blends clear and clamouring vocals with steady guitar lines and shadowy drum beats reminiscent of the grunge greats.

Drawing influence from the likes of Hole, Silver Chair, and Babes In Toyland, ‘5102’ sees A VOID craft a sound that pays homage to the past while simultaneously making a hell-for-leather run toward the future. Seesawing between calmer moments of melancholy and more emotive explosions of throbbing instrumentals and turbulent riffs, the track is rhythmic and riled-up in equal measure. Vocalist Camille Alexander explains:

“’5102′ is a sombre grunge track starting with dissonant guitars that slowly progress into a deep emotional outburst. A swim in the moonlight ending in a mermaid attack. The track’s mysterious name is ‘2015’ backwards: the year it was written, long before it was recorded. It’s about womanhood, using the metaphor of witches who have been stripped of their powers and their magic.”


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