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Femegades release new single ‘Daddy Says’

Feminist alt rock band, Femegades, were born out of the ashes of various projects and countless ‘musician wanted’ ads. Bonding over a shared love of the riot grrrl-era movement, the four-piece seamlessly blend socially conscious punk with elements of the angst-ridden emotion of grunge.

Latest single ‘Daddy Says’ is an illustration of Femegades eclectic approach to songwriting. Taken from forthcoming EP Not All Men, the track is a departure from the band’s recent single releases – the fuzz-filled, acerbic soundscapes of ‘Speechless’ and the fiery, thought-provoking lyricism of ‘Be Alone’.

A warm, beautifully delivered ballad characterised by chiming guitar notes, a gentle rhythm section and the sumptuous tones of vocalist Em, the track is juxtaposed by the powerful subject matter. ‘Daddy Says’ tells the story of a father encouraging his daughter into the sex industry, the lyrics taking the listener on a journey of lost innocence and coercion, throwing a light on the hypocrisy of the husband-and-father sex-buyer. The track highlights Femegades refusal to shy away from tackling hard hitting subjects deserving of a voice in the world.


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