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ON get gritty with ‘Blackmail’, a song of truth and empowerment

Toronto alt rock / grunge trio ON release their attitude-laden single ‘Blackmail’, the second single from their forthcoming self-titled album, scheduled for release on September 16 via Indiestructable Records and following up the brazen ‘Underdog’.

“This is a song about empowerment, strength, and self-actualization. It embraces recovery of one’s authentic self and soul from external forces – whether they be human, institutional, cultural, or chemical,” says Lucy Di Santo.

“Dan and I wrote the riff to Blackmail in NYC at his apartment,” continues guitarist Steve Fall. “We really felt good about the bounce feel of the verse guitar part. The accent on the second part of the verse hook was subtle and kind of loose. We dug the groove and vibe. Once we presented the initial riffs to Lucy, she immediately grabbed it and went into a very introspective lyric – a discussion about people messin’ about with your head. “I’m here on the microphone. I’m clear I know what the score is… on your telephone sensing you’re not what your sayin”. It’s about people hiding behind technology and Lucy having enough of it. Empowerment.”


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