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Single Review: ‘Treetops’ by The Famous Daxx

German-born but now London-based, The Famous Daxx creates music that transcends any earthly location in both lyrical content and sonic style. There is a distinct blissful, ethereal quality to her songs that can transport the listener to an otherworldly realm in an instant thanks to her smooth, lush vocal tones and dreamy instrumentation. This has never been more true than on her new single ‘Treetops’ that sees her sway into a slightly Country realm vocally while still radiating that same lucid sound and rich storytelling quality that comes with Folk. The gentle swing is wrapped up in warming vocal tones that ring both of early Jake Bugg and powerful female vocalists such as Anna Calvi. 

Lyrically, ‘Treetops’ is inspired by the German fairy tale Hansel and Gretel and explores the themes of childhood trauma and suicide as well as the special bond that siblings share. The song is Gretel’s monologue as she stands under the tree where her brother died and regrets that she wasn’t able to help and save him. It is inspired by Daxx’s own experiences with a sibling with mental health problems and the unique bond between siblings, the protectiveness of the older sister and her pain over her sibling’s pain.

As a queer artist, Daxx always aims to create a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere when recording, working with mostly female musicians and bringing her friends into the studio to provide the rich instrumentation and build a safe and stimulating musical environment. The recordings don’t aim for perfection but rather to capture the connection between the musicians in the room and thus, there is an audible camaraderie radiating from all of her music, especially this new track.

‘Treetops’ is the first track to come from Daxx’s upcoming debut EP, with more details to be announced soon!

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