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Photo credit: Courtney Kiara

Addison Grace announces debut EP Immaturing; shares new single ‘Getting Used To’

Salt Lake City-based musician and TikTok star, Addison Grace, announces their eagerly-awaited debut EP, Immaturing, along with their third, raw single, ‘Getting Used To,’ out everywhere now. The five-track EP–a project that sincerely documents Grace’s challenging experiences growing up–is due out May 6.

‘Getting Used To,’ the EP’s final track, holds the signature essence of Addison Grace–journal entry-like confessional songwriting and delicate vocals that reach profound emotional depths. The track chronicles Grace as they are face-to-face with the realization that they are getting older. Against a clean drum beat, Grace sings with distinct honesty, “It sucks to grow up / ‘Cause I’m stuck in my head, 19, / I’m getting used to / I’ve been kinda stressed / I’m a bit depressed / My life’s a fucking mess / But you know I’ll get used to it.” It is within this unflinching rawness, complete with all the anxieties and confusion that come with growing up, that listeners can freely and comfortably find themselves.

Explaining the thought behind the song, Grace notes, “‘Getting Used To’ is about that awkward in-between stage of growing up, for me it was specifically being 19. You don’t feel ready to be an adult but you feel too old to be a kid anymore. It’s scary, confusing, and awful, but you learn to cherish your memories and find the good in your current experiences.”

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