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AILSHA releases anime and gaming influenced new track ‘Enemy’

‘Enemy’ is AILSHA’s fourth single release of 2023 and is her heaviest track to date. The song is a follow-up to her recent releases ‘Sucker’, ‘Red Flags’ and ‘Sleep’.

With each single release this year, AILSHA has gradually explored her songs becoming heavier and heavier, with ‘Enemy’ being her first fully heavy track. The makeup artist turned video games composer utilises her love of gaming in this song which was inspired by the excitement of boss fights. Influenced by Japanese electronic metal and elements of cyberpunk, the song conveys the journey of battling and defeating an enemy in a boss fight, but also ruminating on how circumstances escalated into a war. The track features a drum breakdown between Al Quiff of Beardfire Studios and Dublin-based metalcore drummer Veronika Švecová to symbolise the battle between forces.

AILSHA explains: “This year I have been exploring going heavier and heavier with each track I have released, and with ‘Enemy’ I wanted to explore this even further. I never thought I could scream but I pushed myself to try it for this song, and the heavily distorted guitars and crazy drum-offs in the track pushed the song beyond my expectations. I always like to incorporate my career as a video games composer into my releases but I wanted this song in particular to represent that side of my work. I want to show the world my darker side.”

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