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Photo credit: Julie O'Brien

AILSHA releases fiery new track ‘Sleep’

‘Sleep’ is AILSHA’s third single release of 2023 and is a follow-up to her latest singles ‘Sucker’ and ‘Red Flags’. Her heaviest yet, ‘Sleep’ pivots from AILSHA’s usual playful lyrics and instead explores a darker topic; the very human feeling of existential dread. The playful instrumentation of the track explores an array of genres in each section from pop-rock to punk to heavy ‘djent’ metal, giving focus to the different flows of emotions that come with pondering about one’s existence.

The honest lyrics in the track come from a place of AILSHA exploring her own acceptance of the unknown: “I have tried to comprehend that all good things come to an end.”

In the artists own words; “‘Sleep’ is an explosion of fun that comes from a dark place of anxiety. I think many people can relate to those late nights when you get into bed and your brain decides to freak you out about your own existence. The lyrics in ‘Sleep’ ultimately come from a place of my own struggles when it comes to accepting life and death and surrendering to the unknown. The upbeat verses and choruses explore intrusive, existential thoughts, and the heavy ‘djent’ style breakdowns represent the world of the unknown. I’ve always wanted to introduce metal into my music so this is a track I’m really excited about.”

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