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Alela Diane shares new single ‘When We Believed’

Portland-based songwriter Alela Diane releases her new single ‘When We Believed’. Produced by Tucker Martine, the single is the third track to be released this summer, following ‘Howling Wind’ and ‘Paloma’.

The new music comes four years after the release of Diane’s critically acclaimed fifth studio album Cusp, and the reissue of Diane’s mythical second album, The Pirate’s Gospel.

Speaking about the new single, Diane says: “‘When We Believed’ is a song of reflection, of letting go, and reckoning with former selves, and expected outcomes. It is a look back at a time in life when I moved and traveled freely, from the perspective of stillness. In this stillness, I can find the joy of a small child, picking a rosebud and leaving the stem behind.”

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