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Photo credit: Leonora Coenraads

Caroline & Claude release new dream-pop single/video ‘Slap’

Brace yourselves for adored sibling duo Caroline & Claude’s latest single ‘Slap’. A song about hard-hitting truths, they distill pure energy, witty chaos and introspection for an irreplicable dreamy combination that continues to reinvigorate the pop landscape of Australia.

“’Slap’ is about the hard-hitting truths. You need to hear them, but boy does it hurt. ‘Slap’ explores the idea that everything in your life is going downhill, and it’s just one slap after the other… and the words people say to you, whether it’s true or not, HURT!! I guess Miss Lizzo wasn’t lying when she sang ‘truth hurts’…” say Caroline & Claude.

Written in Auckland NZ with Josh Fountain (BENEE), the duo’s Gen Z witty chaos, pure fun and supreme introspection was brought to life by Simon Gooding (Dua Lipa, Pink) who mixed the track with Mastering by Leon Zervos (Pink, Rihanna) who rounded out the team.

Speaking of the creative process behind ‘SLAP,’ the duo shares, “From the beginning, ‘Slap’ was one of those songs where whilst writing it we got giddy and couldn’t contain the pure energy in the room. Writing the track in Auckland with Josh Fountain set the tone of the song to already be a #BANGER. There was pure inspiration and a pre-existing excitement in the room… We all were feeling this song hard in the studio.”

Accompanying this release is the latest installment of their series of whimsical homemade music videos. Tugging at acute nostalgia for the era of early Apple’s photobooth app they combine this with hand-held camcorder footage, evoking the simplicity of the early digital days.

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