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amilost debuts with powerful single ‘Pillowside’

Norwegian-British trio amilost are releasing their debut single, ‘Pillowside’ today. It is the first release from Made Records’ new singles club, Made Arcade, which will see a new unique song released every few weeks from a different unsigned artist. An eclectic mix of alt pop and shimmering post-rock, ‘Pillowside’ is a taste of amilost’s upcoming debut EP.

Starting slow and melancholic, ‘Pillowside’ builds up the intensity throughout the song into a somber chorus of dreamlike vocals layered on top of the heart-wrenching piano. Looking to capture emotional experiences in their lyrics, amilost use their songs to explore deep feelings related to the human psyche, with their upcoming EP built around the themes of anxiety, love, escapism, and aspiration. Sonically similar to the likes of Sigur Ros, Bon Iver, or Billie Eilish, the introspective style and melodic mastery of guitar and piano ends with a song that is both subdued and climactic.

“We want other people to channel their pain and their questions through listening to our songs,” says vocalist and producer Sigrid. “‘Pillowside’ is about escapism and living through your imagination when things are tough…imagining something better.”

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