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Aniwa is blissfully harmonious on brand new single ‘Show Up’

Today, up-and-coming indie-rock artist Aniwa releases her brand new single ‘show up’. Hailing from London, Aniwa is a rising musical force celebrated for her versatile sound and introspective lyricism, which is showcased in today’s divine new release.

“’Show Up’ captures the heartbreak between friends rather than a romantic partner,” she explains. “It is about yearning for a reconnection with an old friend who was once dear to you, but they have long moved on, while you are still stuck in the nostalgic past. It grapples with the reality of coming to terms that they won’t come back to you, but you still naively wait for them and hold onto the very small hope that you can reconnect again.”

In true Aniwa style, her new single is built on a foundation of atmospheric, dreamy notes which showcases her delicate vocals and nack for articulating her innermost thoughts and feelings.

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