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Annabel Lauren shares poignant message on new single ‘alone’

Annabel Lauren, an emerging talent in the indie music scene, is set to captivate listeners with her latest single, ‘alone’. This soft and melodic track, rich with emotional depth and sonic layers spotlights this newcomer as a promising voice, shaped by her authentic life experiences to date.

“I wrote this song after the worst breakup I’ve ever had,” she says. “I was left feeling like my world had crumbled and I had no idea who I was on my own. I was reflecting on all of my past relationships and I realised that I always did so much better when I was alone. I thought about how all of my insecurities were based off other people’s opinions and decided I need to take control and learn to love myself as I am when I’m alone.”

‘alone’ is a poignant exploration of the aftermath of a breakup, encapsulating the bittersweet realisation that sometimes, you’re better off on your own. Annabel’s lyrical expertise shines through, delivering a narrative that is both personal and universally relatable. Her gentle yet powerful vocals are complemented by the simplicity of the instrumental arrangement, allowing her voice to shine above all.

Annabel Lauren, who has been steadily building an audience in Brighton, where she currently resides, draws inspiration from her own life experiences to create music that resonates deeply with her audience. ‘alone’ showcases her ability to blend introspective lyrics with a melodic indie sound, offering listeners a comforting embrace through its soothing melodies.

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