You are currently viewing twst announces new EP with monumental single ‘Catch Me (Beautiful Fall)’

twst announces new EP with monumental single ‘Catch Me (Beautiful Fall)’

London-based Welsh artist, songwriter and producer twst unveils their new single ‘Catch Me (Beautiful Fall)’. Co-produced by Clarence Clarity (Rina Sawayama, Dorian Electra), the new release comes ahead of their debut festival performance where, this weekend, they will be taking to the BBC Introducing stage at Reading & Leeds.

twst is a force to be reckoned with and ‘Catch Me (Beautiful Fall)’ immediately demands your full attention. A sucker punch of pulsing euphoric pop, this is twst at her most dynamic, drawing you into their world which transforms both fantastical and deeply personal stories into expansive electronic soundscapes to soundtrack both intimately singular experiences and existential threats we face on a species level.

‘Catch Me’ does the former… “It delves into the theme of a tumultuous relationship and explores the imbalanced dynamics of abuse,” twst explains, “Obviously the song hits like a light hearted bop and I wanted that to match the delusion somehow of when someone makes you feel starstruck by their love and power play, that you’re not really able to see all the bad stuff happening in the background.”

Capturing the feeling of surrender, when it feels impossible to escape that bad relationship, the song moves through the highest highs and the lowest lows – condensing that rollercoaster of emotions into three minutes, it gives the listener a taste of those extremes. On a personal level for twst this song serves as a message to that person; “if you’re putting me through all of this, please catch me when I fall…”

‘Catch Me’ also arrives with the announcement of a forthcoming project TWST0002. The new EP, which acts as a sequel to her first EP TWST0001, further expands the world which twst has been creating since they left left home and formal education at 14 and relocated to a recording studio in the South Wales Valleys where they taught themselves music production and began immersing themselves in internet culture.

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