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Photo credit: Emma Ogbonda-Jardine

DEJA returns with new single ‘Beggin”

Back with her luscious lick and infectious purr, DEJA releases her latest single ‘Beggin’’. It’s no secret that DEJA holds the power to unlocking every girl’s inner confidence and challenging every man’s inner desires with her norm-defying singles, latest release ‘Beggin’’ being a prime example of that.

Exploring the power of the female anatomy, DEJA illuminates the addictive nature and irresistible allure of the female flower. Dosed in pulsating beats and spikey exuberance, Corey K and Trey Qua’s production bring to life the gravitational pull of DEJA’s message.

In her own words, DEJA explains; “Sometimes we forget just how much power the kitty holds. Guys want it, might be lucky enough to taste it and OOOP!!! They’re addicted. My new single ‘Beggin’’ is a warning for weak ones – be careful what you wish for because you’ll be hooked and ‘Beggin’’ for more.”


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