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AZRA wants you to claim your throne with ‘Bring Me The Crown’

Los Angeles based, genre bending artist, AZRA, shares her powerful and anthemic new single, ‘Bring Me The Crown.’ Co-written by AZRA and 2x GRAMMY nominated producer and songwriter Natalia Bortolotti, ‘Bring Me The Crown’ is an embodiment of the phrase, “Heavy is the head that wears the crown,” and serves a reminder that even after going through so many obstacles in life, we deserve to wear our “jewels” with confidence and we’re allowed to see ourselves shine.

The vibrant pop-rock anthem oozes in AZRA’s confidence as she invites us to step up and share the spotlight in solidarity. The songstress takes listeners by the hand, demonstrating how our personal imperfections make us no less of the true kings and queens we really are. In fact, it’s those same faults we must wear proudly, like the crowns high on our heads.

“This song is all about reclaiming your power and saying to everyone who’s trying to get you down that this is the path you own, and they can join in or get out of the way,” shares AZRA. “When people listen to this song, I want them to be able to relate to it and reflect on themselves and their journey and realize that their path and choices are theirs to make. OWN your crown.”

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