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Photo credit: Brian Nicholson

ZELA share new single ‘I Really Like Her’

ZELA’s bisexuality-flooded new single ‘I Really Like Her’ was inspired by front-woman Liv Griff’s turbulent romance between herself and a girl unavailable, silhouetted against the dirty dancefloors and cigarette-tinged kisses of the Northern Indie music scene.

Burning with pop vocal hooks not dissimilar to the likes of Blondie’s Debbie Harry and driven by a distortion-soaked bassline, Liv maintains her signature bratty approach to songwriting but this time infuses painfully emotive melodies and lyrics guaranteed to immerse you in the British cinematic heartache of friends-to-lovers-to-strangers.

Featuring an explosive performance from brother Max Griff on drums, the track embodies themes of youthful British culture reminiscent of E4’s Skins, features lyrics akin to those of early Arctic Monkeys and explores Liv’s first queer experiences, making ‘I Really Like Her’ the outrageous LGBTQ+ anthem the world needs.

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