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Photo credit: Emma Barrott

Baby Said It share new single ‘You Killed It’

After igniting their music career with their statement debut single ‘FIGHT,’ Baby Said has unveiled their latest adrenaline-fueled anthem, ‘You Killed It’. Staying true to their signature sound, this new single pulsates with raw energy, blistering guitar riffs, and anthemic vocals, promising another electrifying hit.

Inspired by real-life encounters, ‘You Killed it’ fearlessly confronts the pervasive issues of harassment and inappropriate behaviour. Drawing from personal experiences, Baby Said delivers an unapologetic sonic manifesto that resonates with power and authenticity. With each chord and lyric, they ignite a fervent call to action, embodying the essence of rock ‘n’ roll rebellion while championing resilience and empowerment.

“‘You killed it’ is about some other encounters we’ve had whilst gigging where some drunk boys were making inappropriate gestures towards us so we wrote a song about what everyone else was thinking,” the band explained.

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