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BEKA shares liberating new single ‘Tears’

Breakthrough pop artist BEKA has returned with her first single of 2023 named ‘Tears’, a liberating anthem inspired by her recent ADHD diagnosis. It’s the London-based singer-songwriter’s first release since her second EP Your Skin came out last May.

Capturing BEKA’s feelings of catharsis upon learning she has ADHD, ‘Tears’ is an energetic, high-tempo offering that’s her most personal song to date. Its 80s-inspired pop soundscape is driven by power chords and thumping synths, with BEKA’s freeing vocals speaking of no longer needing to mask or worry about her self-confessed “internal chaos”.

Speaking of the inspiration behind ‘Tears’ BEKA explains: “I was in a session feeling a familiar overwhelm and internal chaos, so I took a moment to step out, make some tea and then started to cry. I was so overcome by how often I felt like a whirlwind, unable to be ‘an adult’ bringing a little trail of chaos to ‘everyone’ and I felt done with being like that. I’d been running against this same wall for some time and it led me to ask some questions about myself. This process led me to the most profound moment of my adult life, as I learned I am neurodivergent and have ADHD. This moment came as a huge relief, suddenly realising that so many of those internal battles were actually symptoms. It made me think about the tears that follow chaos, and how they feel acutely comforting as they’re a soft reminder that, at worst… you can still feel. And if you’re feeling, you’re still alive, and if you’re still alive then you still have something to give to the world.

“I started writing this song unaware of having ADHD and then wrote the bridge post diagnosis as a real letter to myself to say that I no longer need to mask, regardless of how ugly the process, I’ve been there before and I’ve survived it.”

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