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Elle Baez returns with new single ‘Mister Possessive’

Emerging Latina singer-songwriter Elle Baez has released her highly anticipated first single  of  2022, ‘Mister Possessive’.

After the release of her debut EP Bold Soul, Elle has quickly become a voice for women  everywhere with her raw delivery of beautiful pop-soul vocals that paint a strikingly vulnerable portrait of her life. She empowers and inspires others through her captivating hooks, versatile writing style, and motto of self-love that she also spreads with her viral Tiktoks. Her ethos is simple: be you, be sexy, and above all, be confident. Elle mixes her advocacy and storytelling with rich soundscapes that use elements of pop, latin, r&b, jazz, and funk to create a sound that is uniquely her own.

‘Mister Possessive’ is an edgy women empowerment anthem bringing autonomy and control back to all women who have found themselves in toxic relationships. The all-women written (Elle Baez, Emma Wang, Sarah Vela) and produced (Tiger Darrow and Emma Wang) bop follows Elle on her journey to no longer allow a man to “watch every step she takes and every move she makes” with a blend  of vintage soundscapes, Santana-esque guitars and futuristic synths. In the tracks catchy lyrics, Elle pens the overbearing ‘Mister Possessive’ a goodbye  letter  and then moves  on her  way to  bigger  and  better things. She says, “This track is for anyone who felt they couldn’t take back their power from someone who depleted it all. You can and you will. You are stronger than you think.”

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