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Zoey Lily releases new single ‘Friend’

Anglo-French songstress Zoey Lily returns with her latest release, an alt-pop offering detailing the hardships of unrequited feelings in ‘Friend’. ‘Friend’is the start to Zoey’s upcoming EP Too Many Nights set to be released this autumn.

‘Friend’ is a track with truth. Holding her honesty within a melancholic tempo and rich chords, Zoey’s delicate vocals add a second layer to the emotive undertones of this track and carry through its tender message. Hinting at the complications of when feelings get involved in a friendship, this song is relatable for many, yet made more relatable by Zoey.

In Zoey Lily’s own words, she explains ;”I wrote ‘Friend’ about a friendship that slowly started falling apart when love got involved because I couldn’t return the kind of love my friend was looking for in me.”


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