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Braids announce new album Euphoric Recall. Hear the new single ‘Evolution’

Canadian experimental pop band Braids announce their new album Euphoric Recall, set for release on April 28 through Secret City Records. A freer and wholly anew effort, their fifth studio album finds the trio abandoning strategy, burning it down, and realizing their love record. Love, all of it; the unbound bliss, the budding impulses, and the messy imperfections, a supernova swirled up in a suite of bold, melodic, symphonic pop songs surrendered to the present. Braids also release their new single ‘Evolution’, a clear eyed and calm anthem that gives the record a grounded notion amidst the sprawling pace.

Of the new song, singer/guitarist Raphaelle Standell-Preston stated, “’Evolution’ in and of itself is a patient act. Our pursuit of the individual self, which comprises all realms of human emotion, is sweetened with the intention and act of patience from ourselves, from those that we love and those who love us.”

Last year, Braids teased the forthcoming album with ‘Retriever’, a luscious and meandering 9-minute journey that they called “simple in its sentiment of love and friendship, yet complex in its lush arrangement and textural experimentation.”

Euphoric Recall:

  1. Supernova Apple
  2. Evolution
  3. Left_Right
  4. Millennia
  5. Lucky Star
  6. Retriever
  7. Euphoric Recall

Photo credit: Mélissa Gamache

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