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Photo credit: Kelsey Runge

Caroline Romano shares new single ‘Used By You’

Rising alt-pop sensation Caroline Romano returns with her anthemic new single, ‘Used by You.’

Over the course of her last few singles – ‘girl in a china shop,’ ‘Tell Her I Said Hi’ and ‘Used by You’ – Caroline has unveiled a bolder sound that blends her pop sensibilities with dynamic alt-rock instrumentation. But, as her sound continues to naturally evolve, her authentic storytelling never waivers. On ‘Used by You,’ Caroline tells a relatable tale of unrequited love, set to a backdrop of melodic guitars and anthemic percussion.

“If I had to describe ‘Used by You’ in one word, I think that would would be brutal,” says Caroline. “It’s unabashedly honest, blunt, and real. It’s a song about the side effects of unrequited admiration. It’s about loving someone to the point that you’re willing to move mountains for them, even when they’re not willing to move an inch for you. It’s the fear of losing someone so much, that’s you’d rather lose yourself just to keep them. In the name of being honest, no matter how terrifying, this is ‘Used by You.’”

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