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Noraa injects 90’s RnB into new single ‘Matter Of Time’

Berlin-based Noraa releases final single ‘Matter Of Time’, ahead of her upcoming TwentyTwo EP. Releasing independently after a split from her previous major label, Noraa created this sonic gem with collaborator and friend deathbypeanuts.

Noraa says about the track: “I’m a 90s kid and grew up listening to mainly RnB and Soul music from that time. There is something about the soundscape of this era, the way the vocals float effortlessly alongside the production… Artists like Janet Jackson, Sade and Aaliyah have been heavy influences, so I tried to create a song that reflects that.

“Creating ‘Matter Of Time’ triggered all sorts of flashbacks, so the melancholic in the track was a way to embrace these moments. “Just a matter of time, ‘til thoughts rewind back to the old life no longer mine“ sums this up quite well”.

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