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The Deep Blue share empathetic new single ‘Lost Boy’

After the tall flames of their recent single, ‘How About It?’ scorched the underside of patriarchal order with its pure, joyful, harmony-rich protest boogie, The Deep Blue return to a simmer to sing an indie-folk ode to never growing up with ‘Lost Boy’. Writing to unfathomable depths and sky-scaping heights as a still young band of strong voices, all weaved together into vines of unquestionable beauty, the release is the second to come from their upcoming EP, Sugarcoat.

Empathetic, looking both inwards and outwards, how The Deep Blue feel about the world around them is etched on their sleeves and branded onto every song they write. Where ‘How About It?’ caught the band barely biting their tongue on body politics and the regularly bruising world order, ‘Lost Boy’ links the four-piece’s innate musicianship, synced values and traffic-stopping vocals to repair a broken bridge between youth and growing up. With gentle tones, the song cradles those that have made the missteps that can easily befall people trying to make the leap alone.

The band says of the single: “Singing this song makes our hearts ache a little bit as our minds are inevitably drawn to someone we love who has lost their way. Clinging on to their youth just a little too tightly. Perhaps we all know a boy who has never made peace with adulthood? The life of the party and always the last to leave? It’s not only about those people, ‘Lost Boy’ is also an ode to the young child within us all.”

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