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girlhouse returns with new single ‘worth it’

Following on from the enormous support for her highly-praised the third ep last year, fast-rising indie bedroom-pop artist girlhouse (aka Lauren Luiz) makes her eagerly-awaited return with the release of her captivating new single ‘worth it’.

Honing more of that rich and soaring approach she has always looked to conjure, ‘worth it’ makes for an explosive return to form for the artist at the helm. With its broad and progressive energy building to a rich and cacophonous aesthetic throughout, she is looking to kick off her 2023 with one of her most impactful offerings to date.

Speaking about ‘worth it’, she said, “I always knew that I could be worthy of love but I had a toxic idea of what loving meant. I’d “fallen in love” with someone who kept telling me I wasn’t enough and yet kept me around. They had so much control over me that even after they weren’t in my life, I still shaped my entire life around proving to them that I could be loved. This was my life up until an interaction after a show in New York that left me completely disenchanted. I don’t even recognize who I was when I was “in love” with them. This song is about that moment and embodies putting words to a situation that I still don’t fully don’t understand yet.”

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