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deegie releases new single ‘Old Spice (Eric #1)’

Los Angeles based punk pop artist deegie, aka singer-songwriter Anne DiGiovanni, is releasing a new single called ‘Old Spice (Eric #1)’.

The song is the sixth single off of her upcoming EP about her ex-boyfriends titled EXES, and it’s about her high school sweetheart, Eric, who first broke deegie’s heart when she was 17 and whose cologne will always trigger her teenage desire.

“After running into Eric years after we dated, when we were both living in New York City, and getting rejected by him again, he’s truly cemented himself as the one who got away,” she said, reflecting on the relationship. “But it’s the idea of what he represented to me as an adolescent – a Prince Charming who could make me complete as a person and fulfill all my needs – that I had to get over by writing this breakup song.”

‘Old Spice (Eric #1)’ is a soliloquy to those aromas that can still catch us and drag us down a rabbit hole of memory and sensation years after we’ve moved on from a heartache, even when we know it’s self-destructive to let ourselves be dragged.

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