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It Was All A Dream announce debut EP and share new R&B inspired single ‘Red Roses’

It Was All A Dream is the new musical project from London based multi-instrumentalists Amy Maskell and Sophie Lowe. On October 14, the duo are set to release their debut EP Never Forget You Are Free, a kaleidoscopic blend of synths, samplers, clarinet, drums and vocals via Some Other Planet. Together with their producer, Toby Burroughs of Pozi, It Was All A Dream create a lush sonic landscape which draws on elements of 90s pop, dance, dub, soul and RnB. Their new single, ‘Red Roses’ is out now.

On their new single, It Was All A Dream say: “‘Red Roses’ is a song that comes with a deep recognition that love exists within us. Wherever the love is directed, its home is where the heart is. We can give and receive love to others, and we can also enjoy the love we create for ourselves.This is a song dedicated to those who are healing from heartbreak, and a reminder that the more you nurture your red roses the more they will bloom.”

The pair met over a decade ago and have been playing music together ever since. Their band Peluché, who disbanded in 2019, released material via tastemaker labels Speedy Wunderground and One Little Independent.

When Peluché disbanded, both Amy and Sophie found themselves in a creative drought. “We had both stopped playing instruments,” says Sophie. “Eventually we began pondering making music again and when discussing the situation with Amy’s mum, she told us to ‘never forget you are free’. This really stuck with us as a reminder to create and follow our joy through any challenges that come our way,” she continues.


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