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Photo credit: Eva Smittle

Daisy The Great call out ‘Liar’ on new single

Brooklyn, NY-based indie pop band Daisy the Great have shared their latest single, ‘Liar,’ available via S-Curve/Hollywood Records.

“I wrote ‘Liar’ about four years ago after hanging out with a friend that I had a really close but confusing relationship with,” says Daisy the Great’s Kelley Nicole Dugan. “‘Liar’ started as a giant run-on sentence in my notes app on my phone and the song is still basically that sentence. It’s about having a crush on a friend but being too scared to address the tension out loud, and how holding on to a secret like that really eats you up inside. I remember writing it all down as a big jumble of feeling frustrated, self-conscious, disingenuous, and ready to move on. We hope the song can give you guts when you need some, whether that means being vulnerable or letting go.”

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